Can a 16 -year -old girl wear a sexy underwear?

What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear refers to those underwear designed to add sexy and mysterious sense of women.They fit the outline of the body and make soft and personal materials. They are usually decorated with lace, silk, leather or other opposite attractive materials.The sexy underwear includes a variety of styles. From the charming bra, there are coats with lace edges or conjoined cuffs.

Is sexy underwear suitable for 16 -year -old girl?

There are divergent opinions on this issue.Some people think that sexy underwear is designed for women, which is not suitable for minors, while some people think that there is no moral restriction. As long as wearing people feel confident and comfortable, they can choose any style of underwear.


The important function of underwear is to provide support and comfort, no matter what style of underwear is.So for 16 -year -old girls, comfort is an important consideration for choosing sexy underwear.Underwear should not be tightened, squeezed or not suitable for body type, which may have adverse effects on the body.

Sexy and self -confidence

The design of erotic underwear is to increase the sexy and self -confidence of women.Some girls may feel more free, sexy and confident after wearing sexy underwear.This makes them feel more attractive, thus more cheerful and confident in personality and social.

Parent’s consideration

For parents of 16 -year -old girls, choosing sexy underwear needs to be treated with caution.Some parents may worry that underwear can make girls expose and mature prematurely, or feel that underwear appears too exposed and inappropriate.In this case, it is important to talk and communicate with girls.

The consideration of legal and culture

In some countries and cultures, minors wearing sexy underwear are regarded as immoral and illegal behaviors.Therefore, in these areas, 16 -year -old girls are advised to abide by local laws and cultural standards.


For a 16 -year -old girl, a sexy, comfortable and unveiled underwear or bikini can meet their needs without breaking any social rules.Sometimes, substitutes can bring more confidence and satisfaction to girls.

Related suggestions

If a 16 -year -old girl wants to wear sexy underwear, it is recommended to consider the matters before making a decision:

The purpose and intention of wearing underwear

Comfort and penetrating

Culture, legal background and social rules

Discussion with parents


Whether girls decide to wear sexy underwear should respect and consider her opinions and advice from parents and society.Choosing underwear should be your own willingness, and considers his age and cultural standards for the surrounding society.If underwear makes girls feel uncomfortable or violates any social standards, it is best to give up.The ultimate goal should be to make girls feel comfortable, confident and beautiful.

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