Can I start a live broadcast of sexy underwear?

Can I start a live broadcast of sexy underwear?

Can I start a live broadcast of sexy underwear?

Opening live marketing is a trend

With the continuous development of live broadcast technology, more and more companies have begun to use live broadcasts for marketing and publicity.In the live broadcast, enterprises can display products, introduce product characteristics, answer consumer questions, and even sell them directly.The sales method of sexy underwear can also be achieved through live broadcast.

Internet+sexy underwear sales model

Traditional sex underwear sales are mainly physical stores, but this model is no longer applicable in the Internet era.Now more and more sexy underwear merchants have begun to sell goods online to cater to the consumption habits of young people.Opening the live broadcast is a good online sales method.

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Live is conducive to the promotion of sexy underwear

Live broadcast is a good way of publicity, which can attract a lot of high -degree of attention.For products with special nature of sexy underwear, in the live broadcast, it can better mobilize the interest of customers and maximize the effect of publicity.

Live sales can enhance user experience

You can show the details and characteristics of sexy underwear in the live broadcast. Users can understand the goods more intuitively and have a better grasp of purchasing decisions.And in the live broadcast, users can ask questions at any time, and the anchors will instantly answer, which strengthens the user’s communication and trust.

Live sales can increase sales

Through live sales, merchants can increase conversion rate and increase sales.Because in the live broadcast, the anchor can introduce more products, display the different colors, sizes, and matching methods of the products, so that users have more choices and increase the purchase rate.

Live broadcast requires compliance operations

Although the live broadcast can bring good results, the live broadcast content needs to follow relevant regulations, and there cannot be illegal and illegal content, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of users and enterprises themselves.

Live broadcast needs to find a platform

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To carry out live sales of sexy underwear, you need to choose suitable live broadcast platforms, such as peppercorns, YY, Douyu, etc.At the same time, we need to understand the rules and operation methods of each platform to better live sales.

Live broadcast needs to find the right anchor

To sell live sales, a suitable anchor needs to be found.The anchor needs to have a certain aesthetic, sales and communication ability, can show the characteristics and advantages of the product, and attract more users to watch the live broadcast.

Live broadcast needs to protect user privacy

During the live sales, users need to provide personal information, and merchants need to protect user privacy, prohibit bad behavior such as sneak shots, sneak records, and leaking user privacy.


In general, opening live broadcast is an effective way of sales that can increase sales and increase user experience. It is also a good choice for merchants who sell sexy underwear.However, before launching live sales, we need to understand the relevant regulations, choose the right platform, find the right anchor, and protect the privacy of user privacy.