Does Taurus men like sexy underwear?

Does Taurus men like sexy underwear?

The relationship between Taurus men and sexy underwear

Taurus is a very straightforward person. It is difficult for them to conceal some things, and sexy underwear is no exception.So, does Taurus men like sexy underwear?This requires us to analyze.

Taurus men tend to be classic style

Taurus men like stable and classic things, as well as the choice of clothing.They tend to choose some basic colors and styles, not too fancy clothing.Therefore, Taurus may not feel comfortable for sexy underwear.

Sex underwear needs to be comfortable

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As a special underwear, sexy underwear is a problem that is unavoidable because of its different design and style.For Taurus men, comfort is an important consideration for choosing clothes. Therefore, Taurus men will refuse without hesitation for too tight or unfacked sexy underwear.

Color is important for Taurus men

In Taurus men’s view, color is one of the important considerations of clothes.They may prefer some basic colors, such as black, white, gray and so on.Taurus men may not be used to the explosive red, sexy purple and other colors.Therefore, the color of sexy underwear may not be so important for Taurus men, but it also needs to be based on the situation.

Exquisite texture will increase the love of Taurus men

For Taurus men, texture is an important factor in the evaluation of clothes.Interest underwear also needs a delicate texture, so as to make Taurus men favored.However, it should be noted that exquisite materials also need good comfort.

Choose a simple design for styles

Taurus man believes that simplicity not only means stability, but also simplicity.The design of sexy underwear is not too simple, but may have fancy decoration and design.This may not be suitable for Taurus men.

The choice of the brand is critical

Taurus men pay attention to the choice of brand, especially for underwear such as underwear.Therefore, choosing a good brand may increase the acceptance of Taurus men in sexy underwear.Of course, in the process of choosing a brand, you also need to pay attention to color, texture, style and other factors.

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Different from person to person

Overall, Taurus men do not like sexy underwear so much.But the situation varies from person to person. If the color, texture, style, etc. of sex underwear conform to the taste of cow men, then Taurus men will also become interested in it.Interest underwear is not exclusive to certain populations. As long as it is suitable for their preferences, anyone can choose it.

Color and style selection skills

When choosing the color and style of sexy underwear, you need to grasp some basic skills.If you want Taurus men to like your sexy underwear, you can choose according to the following techniques:

Choose a relatively stable basic color, such as black, white, etc.

Try to choose a simple style design

Choose sexy underwear with exquisite texture

Select sexy underwear according to the brand


For Taurus men, choosing sexy underwear is not so easy, color, texture, style, and brands are all factors that need to be considered.But the situation varies from person to person. If you can choose according to the preference of Taurus, he may also be interested in sexy underwear.