Fun Underwear Factory Recruitment Advertising

Fun Underwear Factory Recruitment Advertising

Fun Underwear Factory Recruitment Advertising

As a fashion and psychological needs of modern people, sexy underwear has become more and more market demand, and sexy underwear factories are continuously expanding.To meet the needs of production, we recruit the following positions:

sales representative

Sales representatives are one of the very important posts of sexy underwear factories.It is required to have good communication skills and sales skills to independently carry out sales and complete sales indicators.In addition, the work location needs to be traveled, and the ability and willingness to travel on a business trip.


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Brand planning is an important position of sexy underwear factories, and often requires high aesthetic and marketing capabilities.It is mainly responsible for the marketing and publicity of sexy underwear brands, including the planning and implementation of online marketing and offline activities.In addition, market research is required irregularly and put forward brand suggestions.


The designer is one of the core positions of the sexy underwear factory. He needs to be familiar with the market dynamics and trend of the sexy underwear industry. Innovative design has been constantly new.It is required to have good aesthetics and design capabilities, be able to complete the design solution independently, and use design software such as Photoshop.

Production workers

Production workers are one of the basic positions of fun underwear factories. During the production process, we need to be serious and meticulous, and have basic production tool operation skills.It is better if you have related work experience.

Quality inspector

Quality inspectors are an important part of the quality control of fun underwear factories. They require the foundation of quality inspection work. They are familiar with the product quality control process and test methods. They can independently complete quality testing and make suggestions for improvement.

purchasing manager

Procurement manager is one of the important positions of the sexy underwear factory. The main task is to plan and manage the procurement process, coordinate the relationship with suppliers, investigate the market, plan and implement procurement plans, ensure the quality and quantity of procurement materials, realize the realizationEnterprise procurement goals.

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Warehouse Manager

The warehouse administrator is an important position of the sex underwear factory. It is mainly responsible for the storage of items, managing the inventory, allocating, and entry and exit of each item, and records the relevant documents.In addition, the inventory is required regularly to ensure the safety and integrity of the items.

Packing person

The packaging staff is the end processing link of the fun underwear factory, and the completion of each process directly affects the completion of the entire production.It is required to be familiar with various packaging materials and packaging requirements, can complete the packaging work independently, and ensure the quality of packaging.

Human resources manager

Human resources manager is an important position for human resources management of sex underwear factories. It is mainly responsible for human resource management such as recruitment, training, salary benefits, and performance evaluation, and supervise and guide the construction and implementation of enterprise output systems.

The above is the job information recruited by our fun underwear factory. If you think you have the conditions required by the above positions, please send your resume to our mailbox, we will arrange an interview in time and contact you.

We look forward to your joining and hope that we will create a better future together.