How do women wear sexy underwear good pictures

How do women wear sexy underwear good pictures

How to wear sexy underwear more beautiful and touching?In the process of choosing, matching, and wearing, we need to pay attention to some issues.Below, this article will introduce the skills and attention of women to readers from multiple perspectives that women can learn from sex underwear. I hope it will be helpful to female friends who like to play sexy underwear.

Choose a style that suits you

When choosing sexy underwear, pay attention to your physical characteristics and needs.If you have a plump chest, you can choose a bra with lace or hook decoration, you can shape the chest more sexy.If you want to highlight the waist curve, choose a tight corset or one -piece jacket, which has a good slimming effect.In addition, you need to pay attention to whether your size is appropriate. Wearing comfortable erotic underwear can increase self -confidence and beauty.


When you want to use erotic underwear as an inner, it is best to choose a low -key clothes to match, so as to avoid exposing the traces of too much erotic underwear.For example, you can choose a loose personalized shirt or a V -neck shirt to expose the sexy underwear appropriately, which can show a sexy role without exaggeration.If you want to take a picture, you can choose to match the return turtleneck directly, which looks very temperament.

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Exquisite lace lace

Lace lace is one of the classic elements of sexy underwear.Not only can the chest shape be more plump, but it can also increase the sexy atmosphere.When choosing a sexy underwear with lace lace, pay attention to the problem of matching and color.Generally speaking, you can choose to match the clothes of the same color to make the match more coordinated.If you want to create a different atmosphere, you can choose the color opposite to your skin tone, which can also play a better visual effect at the same time.

Wearing toys

Wearing a sexy toy can make female friends wearing sexy underwear add a mystery.The types of toys you choose should meet your preferences and needs. Do not be too conspicuous to prevent the effect of the overall modeling.You can choose toys that match the sexy underwear to integrate into one to enhance the overall beauty.

Choose a suitable occasion

Interest underwear cannot be worn any occasion at any occasion, and you need to choose a suitable occasion.In private places, you can choose a more exaggerated and sexy sexy underwear, and match the matching accessories.However, in public, it is best to choose a low -key clothing, make sexy underwear as an internal clothing, maintain your image, be decent and elegant.

Suitable for different skin colors

Women of different skin colors can choose sexy underwear of different colors according to their preferences.If the skin tone is fair, you can choose a bright color, which will be more fresh.If the skin is darker, it is recommended to choose the sexy underwear of the dark color series.The yellow and pink series are more suitable for women with darker skin or yellowing.

Reasonable use of accessories


In the dressing and matching of sexy underwear, it is also important to use accessories reasonably.You can choose to wear small jewelry such as earrings or necklaces to enhance the sense of fashion and art of the entire shape.At the same time, the use of cautiousness, too complicated accessories can make people feel too strange, to maintain simplicity and beauty.

Selection of texture

The texture of sexy underwear is also very important. You can choose sexy underwear with different textures according to your preferences and needs.It should be noted that don’t choose too transparent or too bulky texture, suitable for your comfortable texture to add beauty.


When choosing and matching sexy underwear, you must pay attention to your physical characteristics and needs for your own. Do not blindly pursue dew or exaggeration.And reasonable use of various elements, such as exquisite lace lace, wearing toys, color suitable for skin tone, matching accessories, etc., can truly tap the wonderful charm of sexy underwear and make yourself more beautiful.