Infallment of sexy underwear

Infallment of sexy underwear

What is an inverted mold?

Installation is a method for making molds, which is usually used to make sculptures, models, parts, etc.During the production process, the actual object is soaked in a special material into a mold, and then the original object is taken out of the mold to obtain a replica that is exactly the same as the original.

The role of sexy underwear in inverted molds

Sexy underwear plays a vital role in inverted molds. It can provide shapes and outlines for the mold to make the works out of the inverted models more fine and complete.

Choose a suitable sexy underwear

When choosing sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the size, shape and material.The size and shape need to be consistent with the original to ensure that the replica of the inverted mold is exactly the same as the original.Materials need to consider whether it is easy to remove and whether it has corrosion effect on the mold.

Common inverted materials

Common inverted materials include silicone, polyurethane, and molding rubber.These materials have certain elasticity and corrosion resistance, can well adapt to different shapes and curves, and it is easy to take out the inverted work.

Steps to make inverted molds

The following steps usually require the following steps:

Choose the right sexy underwear

Prepare the inverted material

Place the sexy underwear in the inverted mold box and drizzle the inverted material material

Waiting for the material dry

Take out the sexy underwear and pour the appropriate material in the mold

Waiting for the material to dry, take out the replica

Advantages of inverted

The production of inverted molds can obtain a replica that is completely consistent with the original, and can be used to make complex objects, antique or souvenirs.In addition, the production of inverted molds is usually more refined than other production methods, suitable for works that require high quality and precision.

Disadvantages of inverted mold

The disadvantage of inverted mold production is that its production process is relatively complicated and requires patience and professional skills.Moreover, the production of inverted molds also requires corresponding costs and time, so it is usually not suitable for fast production and mass production.

The inverted mold is used in the sex products industry

In the sexual product industry, inverted mold production is often used to make complex sex supplies, such as simulation penis and vagina.These products usually need high simulation and exquisite appearance to provide the most authentic experience.

in conclusion

Sex underwear has an irreplaceable role in the production of inverted molds, can provide accurate size and shape, and provide the necessary contour and curves for the inverted mold box.At the same time, inverted mold production is also a fine and high -cost method, which is only suitable for small batches and high -quality products.

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