Is the sexy underwear security inspection?

Is the sexy underwear security inspection?

What is sexy underwear safety inspection

In some countries and regions, sexy underwear is classified as special products and is considered a problem that requires special attention.Therefore, these places need to conduct special security underwear for sexy underwear produced and sold in these areas.

Types of security inspection

The type of security varies from the country.In some countries, sexy underwear needs to be tested to check its comfort and durability.In other countries, sexy underwear will be put in X -ray machine or under other tests to determine whether they are legal.

Can you detect sexy underwear

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Sex underwear can be tested, but the question is whether security employees will notice them.Because sexy underwear is usually sold in packaging, it is unlikely to be discovered before they are taken out.

The work quality of security inspection employees

Even if sex underwear is discovered, whether they are considered illegal items and confiscated, they largely depend on the quality of the security inspection employees themselves.If security employees are more tolerant, sexy underwear may be regarded as legal items without causing any trouble.

Sexy underwear during flight travel

The sexy underwear during flight travel may also be checked by security inspection employees.This is usually because the sexy underwear contains glue -like substances, and this substance may be mistakenly regarded as prohibited items.However, if the sexy underwear is labeled and clearly marked its material, condition and other information, these situations will be largely reduced.

How to avoid being detected

Avoid detection is possible.You can put sex underwear into the physical items and hide it in your luggage.In addition, when choosing a sexy underwear, the selection of materials that look the same as ordinary underwear are unlikely to cause trouble.

The needs of sexy underwear make them legal

In fact, due to the continuous growth of sexy underwear, more and more countries and regions have legalized it.Therefore, in these places, sexy underwear no longer needs to worry about being detected and confiscated.

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in conclusion

In general, sexy underwear is likely to be detected during security checks, but they are usually not treated as prohibited items.The best way to avoid detection is to put them in physical items, or choose materials similar to ordinary underwear when buying.