qing sex lingerie stockings

qing sex lingerie stockings

Sexy lingerie stockings

Types of stockings

Before understanding the love underwear and stockings, let’s introduce the types of stockings.Stockings can be divided into ordinary nylon stockings, Modal stockings and fancy stockings according to fabrics.Ordinary nylon stockings are divided into 10d to 20D according to thickness. The lower, the more transparent.Modal stockings are mainly cotton fabrics, which is more suitable for daily wear than ordinary nylon stockings.Fancy stockings are characterized by patterns and grids.

Design of sexy underwear stockings

The design of sexy underwear stockings can be divided into two aspects: sexy and comfortable.The sexy design is decorated with lace, bow, lace, etc., which can increase visual attractiveness.And comfort is to ensure that stockings will not, waist or too tight when wearing stockings.In addition, sexy underwear stockings can also be designed according to color. Black is a sexy classic color system, the skin color is more white, and white is more fresh.

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Size of stockings

Choosing the correct size is an important condition to ensure that stockings are comfortable.The size of stockings should be selected according to height and weight. The size of the stockings ranges from S to 6XL, and the size of each brand is different.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear and stockings, first understand your body characteristics and choose a size suitable for you.

How to match sex underwear stockings

The matching method of sexy underwear stockings is also worth noting. It is not appropriate to wear and match, which will not only affect the body proportion, but also weaken sexy.Generally speaking, stockings and short skirts, shorts or stockings and high -heeled shoes are suitable, which can increase the proportion of body and sexy.But the matching of stockings and pants need to be paid attention to, do not let the length of stockings and pants overlap or pull.If you want to highlight the sexy of the stockings itself, you can choose to match sexy underwear.

Maintenance method of stockings

In order to make sexy underwear and stockings more durable, maintenance is also very important.First, do not dry stockings with high temperature to avoid shrinking and deformation.In addition, choose a neutral detergent, the best hand washed, and avoid rubbing hard.After washing, discharge excess water, wrap stockings with dry towels, and squeeze dehydration.

Skills wearing stockings

You need some skills when wearing sexy underwear stockings.First, keep your hands dry.Secondly, roll up the feet of the stockings and put it on to the toes, and then gradually pass through the knee.Finally, adjust the stockings, adjust the stockings from the soles of the feet to the thighs, and adjust it to a comfortable position.If necessary, you can also spray some dry powder on stockings to maintain your body comfort.

How to choose sexy underwear stockings

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When choosing sexy underwear stockings, the first consideration is color, design, size and quality.In addition, you need to consider your own figure and choose the style that suits you.If you want to better meet the needs of yourself and your partner, you can also understand some sexy lingerie stockings with special selling points, such as opening stockings, net socks, and so on.

How to wear sexy lingerie stockings

When wearing sexy underwear stockings, pay attention to wearing skills and matching methods to ensure sexy and comfort.It is recommended to understand your body characteristics and size before wearing sexy underwear and stockings, and choose stockings that suits you.In terms of matching, you can choose short skirts, shorts or high heels to match stockings to enhance sexy.

The purpose of sexy underwear stockings

The use of sexy underwear stockings is not only to increase the atmosphere of interest, but also to bring a certain protective effect to the body.For example, in the cold winter, sexy underwear and stockings can play a role in protecting the cold and warmer the body.In addition, some special selling points, such as opening stockings, net socks, etc., can add more fun to a fun life.

in conclusion

As a way to add sexy life, sexy lingerie stockings need to be considered many factors, including color, design, size, quality, matching, wearing skills, and so on.The correct choice, wear and maintenance can make sexy underwear stockings more lasting, comfortable and sexy, and achieve better results.