Sex underwear nickname

Sex underwear nickname

Sex underwear nickname

Sex underwear is one of the essential items for modern women.They have different styles, models, colors and designs, from fun to sexy and charming, from daily wear to special occasions, they can meet the needs of different women.However, there are some nicknames or aliases in sex underwear, such as "pajamas", "swimwear", "captives", etc. The following will introduce some such erotic underwear "nicknames".

1. Pajamas

Some sexy underwear is similar to traditional pajamas. They may have comfortable and loose tailoring and soft and comfortable fabrics, and there may be exquisite designs of lace and satin.These underwear nicknames "pajamas", which can make women feel comfortable and relaxed, and it is also suitable for summer sleep.

2. Swimsuit

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Some luxurious sexy underwear has the appearance of the swimsuit.These seemingly ordinary swimwear have peculiar designs, such as deep V -neck, lace decoration and mesh gauze skirt.Such a "swimsuit" is "swimwear", which is suitable for wearing in pool parties or romantic travel.

3. Captive

Some erotic underwear with bondage, slavery, and bed feet similar to "captives", these underwear can make women wearing them feel more sensitive and excited.This kind of sexy underwear is "captive", which is suitable for women who like SM toys and role -playing.

4. Kiss

Some sexy corsets and normal interior walls can also be worn as sexy underwear. These underwear will make women look more sexy and exquisite, attracting the attention of many men.This erotic underwear nicknamed "kissing", suitable for wearing in some romantic dating and gatherings.

5. Perspective

Perspective underwear refers to the style that can reveal the skin when wearing, or partly exposed the body.This sexy underwear nicknamed "perspective", focusing on the curve of women’s bodies, making the wearer feel sexy and charming.

6. Maid

"Maid" is a modern role -playing clothing. Women wearing short skirts, tight tops, lace stockings, buttons, etc., as if they have become rich servants.At the same time, "Maid" is also the nickname of sexy underwear, which is suitable for women who like role -playing and obey games.


7. Bad

Some sexy underwear can show women’s sexy bodies. These underwear make women feel amazing and sharp, exposing the sexual characteristics of Gulu and beautiful bodies.This kind of sexy underwear nicknamed "naked", suitable for wearing in private places.

8. Uniform

Uniforms are a very strong sense of sexy underwear nickname, such as college uniforms, doctors and nurses uniforms, etc., which will make women more sexy and charming.This sexy lingerie nicknamed "uniform", suitable for wearing role -playing and other private occasions.

9. Caribbean

"Caribbean" is an attractive underwear nickname, which generally represents special colors and charming design.This erotic underwear nicknamed "Caribbean", suitable for wearing on beaches and summer swimming places.

10. Europe

European sexy underwear is usually exquisite, light, and carefully produced, making women feel particularly noble, more sexy and charming.This erotic underwear nicknamed the "European" style, suitable for wearing on special occasions or needs special nights.


There are many nicknames of sexy underwear, and each nickname represents different mood and fashion taste.The most important thing for women to wear sexy underwear is to be confident in expressing their beauty and elegance.Choosing the right underwear and bringing more sexy and charm to themselves is also an indispensable part of women in love, life and career.