Sex underwear sales situation

Sex underwear sales situation

Sex underwear sales situation

1 Introduction

Interest underwear is a unique underwear. It can not only meet the needs of women’s dressing, but also add interest to the sex life between husband and wife.The demand for this underwear in the market is increasing, so we need to understand the sales of love lingerie.

2. Market scale

The market size of sexy underwear is huge, and the global market value has reached about $ 50 billion.In the Chinese market, the demand for sexy underwear is also increasing, and the market size has shown a rapid growth trend.

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3. Brand competition

There are many brands in the sex underwear industry, including international brands and local brands.Among them, international brands such as Victoria’s Secrets, Avon, Armani, etc. also occupy a certain market share in the Chinese market.However, local brands have also shown a rapid rise in recent years.

4. Consumption method

With the rise of e -commerce, more and more consumers choose to buy sexy underwear online.However, some consumers prefer to buy in physical stores, because offline shopping can better experience the fabrics and styles of underwear.

5. Consumer group

The consumer group of sexy underwear is becoming more and more extensive, not only limited to married couples, but also single women, LGBT, etc.Among them, young women are the main consumer groups of sexy underwear.

6. Style trend

The style and design of sex underwear are also changing. In recent years, sexy elements such as perspective, lace, grids have become mainstream. At the same time, elements such as sports style and literary style have gradually entered the field of sexy underwear design.

7. Material selection


Selection of sexy underwear needs to be considered in the comfort and touch effect of wearing.Common materials include silk, lace, fish nets and home clothing cloth.

8. Import situation

Most brands in the Chinese sex underwear market are domestic brands, but there are also some imported brands occupying a small share in the market.According to customs data, my country imported a total of 600,000 pieces of sex underwear in 2019. Among them, imported brands mainly come from Japan, the United States and other countries.

9. Market prospects

The demand for the sex underwear market is increasing, and the market size will continue to expand in the future.At the same time, the advancement of technology and the improvement of materials will also promote the continuous improvement of the design and manufacturing level of sexy underwear.

10. Viewpoint

While the sexy underwear market is continuously developing and growing, it also needs to pay attention to civilized publicity to avoid excessive rendering sexy elements.At the same time, consumers should also look at sexy underwear rationally, and should not be simply equal to sexual tools.