Sexy lingerie pants beauty burst breasts

Sexy lingerie pants beauty burst breasts

Introduction: sexy lingerie pants beauty burst breasts

As a category of sexy underwear, it is not unfamiliar to domestic, but it is one of the representative products of European and American adults, and it has gradually began to attract people’s attention in the domestic market in recent years.And the thongs are a classic style that can bring visual impact, especially with beautiful skin and hot -fired milk effect.Next, we will introduce the pants and pants to the pants sex underwear from the aspects of materials, styles, size, etc.

Material: Combined comfortable and close -fitting

In terms of overall material, the thong of sexy underwear uses soft and breathable flax cotton or comfortable lace fabric.The internal fabric uses light and soft flax cotton or soft elastic fiber nets.Such materials can better wrap the body and make the wearer feel pleasure.

Style: colorful choice

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The style of thong is rich and colorful. Whether it is a simple color or a modern stamp/embroidery, it can meet people’s needs.Among them, the zipper, tie -up models and classic hanging -type thongs are more comprehensive, more distinctive, and they are sought after by fashion people.

Size: An important guarantee for comfort and body

Different people’s body size is diverse. At the same time, the premise of dressed pants is comfortable and personal.Therefore, if you want to buy such sex underwear, you need to pay attention to size issues.The size of thongs is usually represented by three sizes such as S/M/L. At the same time, some brands will also provide a variety of codes for consideration.

Color: Belt+Breaking Milk Matching Best

As a kind of part, the thong is also very particular about the choice of color.The color with skin color can better show women’s body lines and breasts.Especially the combination of straps+milk is best, and the single -pants with a single color can show a highly explicit effect under the charming and sexy shape.

Cleaning: Be careful storage treatment

When cleaning the sexy lingerie pants, you need to start with the material, and usually use hand washing or soft machine washing.Moreover, you need to pay attention to storage. Do not place the same place as ordinary underwear. It is best to choose a cool and dry area to store it to prevent the thong from stretching or material deformation.

Accessories: lace lace sets off the body

As a female sexy representative, sexy underwear pants also fully consider the needs of sexy beauty in accessories.The design of lace lace can better set off women’s figures, and can have visual impact even through the naked eye.


Brand: prefer word of mouth

The brand is also particularly important when buying sexy underwear pants. Excellent brand represents high -quality quality and excellent design.In terms of brand selection, popular word -of -mouth brands such as Victoria’s secrets, La Perla, CK, etc. are all brands worth recommending and selected.

Price: Quality and excellent price are not expensive

Compared with some high -end luxury brands, the price of sexy underwear pants is more affordable.The premise is to choose a high -quality brand. The price of many brands of thongs is about 100 yuan, and after -sales service is also very important.

Summary: sexy lingerie pants beauty burst breasts

Interest underwear pants have many different choices and issues that need attention in terms of style, material, size, color, cleaning, accessories, brands, and prices.Of course, for different needs and different people, the mentality of buying sexy underwear pants should also be different.However, in general, as one of the representative products of fashion, it will constantly attract the attention of more people.