Sexy underwear can pass security checks

Sexy underwear can pass security checks

Security lingerie security problem

When we are preparing to travel, safety inspection is an indispensable program.However, many people will ask, can erotic underwear be a security check?

Sex underwear metal accessories

Sex underwear usually add metal accessories, such as locks, chains and other decorations.These accessories can cause alarms of security check equipment, but in most cases, this is just a warning, because these metal accessories are only decorative and have no actual threat.

Interests of plastic or rubber accessories

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Some sexy underwear may use plastic or rubber accessories. These accessories are detected as non -metals, so they will not cause alarm sounds for security equipment.

Security inspection of cable sex lingerie

Unlike ordinary underwear, cable sex lingerie contains some electronic components, which are detected by security inspection instruments.However, as long as these components follow the electronic product regulations, there are no problems through security checks.

Security requirements for sexy underwear and adult products

When involving sexy underwear and adults, security requirements for different countries or regions may be different.Some countries may require the classification of these products and foods and other prohibited products, while others are classified as human beings.Therefore, it is recommended that you carefully understand the security requirements of the destination before travel.

The problem of security underwear brought to the aircraft on the plane

If you are going to travel, and if you want to take a plane and bring sexy underwear to the plane, it is recommended that you put the sexy underwear in the luggage.Because the items carried with you often get more tolerance and understanding.

Suggestions on customs inspection

If you buy sexy underwear overseas and bring back to China, you need to pay attention to the issue of customs inspection.In view of the laws and regulations of our country, you can choose to put the sexy underwear in the checked baggage, or you can choose to put them in a handbag you carry.

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It is recommended to bring the relevant certification file

If you bring sexy underwear into some countries, it is recommended that you bring related certification documents, such as product purchase invoices.These files help you prove the legitimacy of the product during the customs inspection.


In short, erotic underwear can pass security inspection, as long as they do not violate electronic products and customs regulations, and appropriately have relevant certification documents.If you have any questions, please consult the local security inspection department or airline.