Share your sexy underwear

Share your sexy underwear

1. Select the sexy underwear with the right size

As a sexy underwear enthusiast, I always think that choosing the right size is very important.Too small underwear limits blood flow, and too large underwear cannot completely show your sexy curve.It is recommended to measure your bust, waist and hips when choosing.

2. Sexy underwear prefers comfortable material

A variety of materials can be used to make sexy underwear, but my choice is always the most comfortable.I usually choose the sexy underwear of Tianzhu cotton, silk or cotton.These materials are not only soft and comfortable, but also suitable for contact with the skin.

3. Cherish every set of sexy underwear

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Although sexy underwear may be used to be hot and passionate, it should still cherish them like cherishing other valuables.Check each set of underwear carefully before wearing, and pay special attention to whether it is damaged or other problems.

4. Wear different styles of sexy underwear at different occasions

There are many different styles of underwear in my erotic underwear, because I know that different styles need different styles.For example, a bikini -style sexy underwear is suitable for wearing on beaches, swimming pools or tropical areas. At the party, you can selectively sexy conjoined jackets or lace bra.

5. Master the correct way to wear sexy underwear

When wearing sexy underwear, pay attention to the correct way of dressing.Before wearing a sexy underwear, you must adjust the position of the shoulder straps and hem, and gradually pull them up to a comfortable position.

6. Accessories are also very important

The charm of sexy underwear is not just itself.Appropriate accessories can make you more charming.For example, you can match red lips, high heels or jewelry to enhance your confidence and sexy.

7. Pay attention to the method of cleaning the sexy underwear

Interest underwear is usually fragile, so pay attention to the corresponding washing method.It is best to use hand washing to avoid using a powerful cleaner or high -temperature drying.It is best to dry it flat, do not dry it with a grill.

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8. Try new sexy lingerie styles

Many people will have monotonous thoughts in their feelings, and they may stop the choice of sexy underwear.As underwear enthusiasts, I hope to encourage everyone to try different sexy lingerie styles.This can not only change the monotonous life, but also enhance the popularity of feelings.

9. While appreciating yourself, you must also respect others

The difference between sexy underwear is largely different. We can appreciate and encourage others to choose different styles of sexy underwear, but while appreciating, we must respect others.The choice and wear of other people’s underwear does not affect us, and should not give too many evaluations or accusations.

10. The true meaning of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is not just a tool to attract others.What’s more important is that it can make you full of confidence, sexy and feminine charm.Only when you are full of self -confidence and love can you better show yourself through erotic underwear.

Finally, wearing sexy underwear is a way to express themselves. Everyone can try to choose and show yourself in their comfortable situation, making sexy underwear a symbol of your confidence and beauty.