She was forced to wear sexy jelly

She was forced to wear sexy jelly

She was forced to wear sexy jelly

As a woman, what kind of underwear should be determined by herself.However, sometimes women have to wear some underwear they do not like, such as sexy underwear.This article will tell a story of a woman, and she is forced to wear sex underwear.

1. Her story

The woman wants to keep anonymous.She told me that she was forced to wear sexy underwear because she attended a party and asked all women to wear sexy underwear this time.She didn’t want to wear fun underwear, but her friends told her that this was a "fun" party, and 80 % of women would wear it like this, so she didn’t want to "out".

2. The meaning of sexy underwear

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Sex underwear is usually a underwear for sex games or characters.It is sometimes called sexy underwear, sexy underwear or adult underwear.The design of this underwear usually pays more attention to appearance and sexy, not comfort and support.

3. The reason why I don’t like sexy underwear

The woman told me that she didn’t like sexy underwear.First of all, she felt that this underwear looked too exposed and uncomfortable.Secondly, she believes that this underwear is too sexy and ignores other functions of underwear, such as support and comfort.In the end, she thought that wearing fun underwear would make her feel uncomfortable because she didn’t want to expose her body in front of others.

4. Different types of sexy underwear

There are many different types of sexy underwear.Some of these types include vests, bra, pants, suspenders, jumpsuits, cats and women’s clothing, handle, and so on.These styles are usually associated with different role -playing or sex games.

5. Sex underwear and self -identification

What kind of underwear should be determined by individuals.If a woman doesn’t like sexy underwear, she should not be forced to wear.Forcing others to wear underwear that do not like themselves is an act of violating personal freedom and self -identification.

6. Personal choice and social pressure

In this woman’s example, she felt that she was forced to wear sex underwear because she felt that she had to follow social pressure.She is worried that if she does not wear sexy underwear, she will become the "monster" in the party.However, individual choices are more important than social pressure.Everyone should have the right to choose what kind of underwear they wear.

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7. What kind of underwear will make us feel good

Wearing underwear has a lot to do with our feelings and psychological conditions.Even if two people wear the same underwear, their feelings may be very different.Some people may feel confident and prefer sexy underwear, and some people may like simple and practical underwear.

8. Interest underwear should not be forced

Under what circumstances, women should not be forced to wear sexy underwear.In some cases, someone may give different choices and requires wearing some types of sexy underwear. This behavior is not only immoral, but also illegal.


Women should have the right to choose what kind of underwear they wear, and what kind of foreign interference should be suffered.Interest underwear is a kind of interest that should be regarded as voluntary, and anyone should not be forced to wear sexy underwear.Everyone should know their own choices and insist on their choices, whether or not others recognize.