SM sex underwear photo picture

SM sex underwear photo picture

SM sex underwear photo picture

What is SM sexy underwear?

SM sexy underwear is a special sexy underwear, suitable for those who like to flirt, control and cat role -playing.These underwear styles are usually used in black, leather, iron chain, nylon rope and other materials. The design is unique and can fully meet a variety of different gender, sexual orientation and preferences.SM sex underwear can usually be used with other erotic supplies, such as mouthball, handcuffs, blindfolders, etc., adding more interesting experiences.

SM sex underwear overall classification

SM sex underwear is divided into a variety of types such as corset, bra, restraint clothes, conjoined tights, open crotch panties, leather pants and other types.Among them, the most popular categories are leather corset, black thick restraint clothes, open crotch panties exposed to the umbilicus, and conjoined tights that can show curves.

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Leather corset

Leather corset is one of the popular styles in SM sex underwear. It is mainly made of hard leather and is decorated with a variety of decorations such as zipper and buckle.The surface is delicate and full of texture. The interior and back are equipped with plastic or metal skeleton, which can be tightly wrapped in the chest and tightened the waistline.At the same time, tie a few metal chains on the back to pull up and enhance SM feelings.

Black thick restraint

Restrictions are one of the more common styles in SM sex underwear.It is usually made of black leather or PVC, which is designed like professional uniforms, extending to the length of the entire body, covering the entire upper body.It has accessories such as eye masks and mouth plugs to provide more fun for role -playing.At the same time, it has multiple supports, tie rods and tight ropes, which can better fix the body on it.

Open crotch panties exposed to the umbilicus

Open crotch underwear is a classic style in SM sex underwear.It is characterized by multiple zippers, buttons, buttons, etc. in parts of the pants. One of the special places is to reveal the sexy umbilical cord area, which gives a more different but very sexy feeling.Can be used with other sex products to improve experience.

Conjoined tights

Conjusational tights are more passionate and sexy representatives in SM sexy underwear.It is made of fiber, lace or leather, and is usually paired with sex handcuffs, foot and eye masks.Conjusational tights can be divided into three series: bridge, bridgeless and open crotch according to different needs.This sexy underwear is usually used in sexual parties, unique role -playing or sex games.

The combination of sex products and SM sex underwear


In addition to SM sex underwear, the matching of sex products can further enhance sexual love.Depending on the different taste and sexual orientation, choosing different sex products has great inspiration for experience and frequency of sex.For example, a variety of erotic supplies such as SM whip, mouthball, blindfold, gypsum wrist buckle, and sex cushion can perfectly integrate with SM sex underwear, bringing a better sex experience.

Precautions for putting on SM sex underwear

When wearing SM sex underwear, you need to pay attention to some matters.First, make sure that the size of the purchase is suitable for you.It should be noted that SM sex underwear is usually highly customized, so it may be a bit expensive.At the same time, pay attention to maintenance, do not place interesting underwear in the sun, and do not use excessive strong detergents to clean it.

SM sex underwear purchase method

SM sex underwear is usually not available for any store. The better way is to find it on the Internet.When buying, buy from regular channels, do not greedy cheap and choose black markets and informal channels, because this may lead to some hidden safety hazards.

What underwear do you need?

Different people need SM sex underwear.Let these sexy and dynamic underwear brought more happiness, make your bedside more colorful, and improve the quality of sex.

In short, whether you are a man or a woman, whether you are LGBTQ or heterosexuality, you can choose the SM sex underwear and sex products that are suitable for you to experience different sexual experiences.