Speed -ups and selling fun underwear buckle points are too strict

Speed -ups and selling fun underwear buckle points are too strict

How to sell sexy underwear on AliExpress?

Selling fun underwear is a very prospective business opportunity, but there are many restrictions and challenges to sell sexy underwear. One of them is that AliExpress has strict sales strategies for sex underwear and easy to deduct points.This article will explore the strategies and suggestions of fast sales of sexy underwear to reduce deduction and increase sales.

1. Choose the right category

When choosing a fast procurement category, be sure not to choose the category of sexual behavior or sex appliances, otherwise it is easy to be banned or removed.Some categories can be sold, but the quantity and types are restricted, and they need to read the terms and regulations of the speed sales.

2. Accurate product description

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In order to protect the interests of consumers and avoid bad merchants to deceive consumers, AliExpress has strict requirements for product descriptions.Stores selling sexy underwear cannot use exaggerated vocabulary or use unconfirmed effects, otherwise it will be easily deducted.Detailed information such as size, material, lace or other decoration, washing methods should be included in the product description, so that customers can understand the goods correctly.

3. Appropriate main map

It is important to choose the right main picture. They should be clear, exquisite, and attractive, but they should not be exposed or too teasing, especially on the homepage display, category centers, and related recommendations.All the main maps must follow the provisions of AliExpress, otherwise they will be deducted or removed.

4. Excellent customer service

Customer service plays a key role in selling fun underwear.Excellent customer service can make customers feel the attention and maintenance, and then improve the customer’s purchase decision.Among the seller sellers, good customer service scores can not only enhance the reputation of the store, but also increase the feedback rate and customer satisfaction, and avoid a large number of 95 points.

5. Consider packaging and mailing

Among the merchants selling sexy underwear, successful merchants pay great attention to packaging and mailing items.They ensure exquisite packaging, good confidentiality, safe and reliable, and optimize logistics solutions to provide the fastest and most reliable distribution services.There are many mailing providers in the speed sales charter, which can provide sellers with services such as packaging, labeling labels, logistics sorting, tracking and logistics insurance.Merchants can use these mailing services to reduce costs and improve express transportation efficiency.

6. Attract customers back to buy

In order to allow customers to return to your shop to buy, you need to run a good store and provide valuable information and services.For example, you can maintain the interest of customers by providing the maintenance and washing guidelines of sex underwear, the release of new previews, participating in marketing promotions, and providing coupons, and try to provide other useful information while maintaining the connection.


7. Understand the competition situation

There are many merchants selling sexy underwear on the speed sales, and the market competition is fierce.You should understand the advantages and deficiencies of competitors so that you can compete and win more customers.You should analyze the price, sales strategy, product line and supply of competitors in order to better understand the market and choose the way out for your own stores.

8. Establish contact and trust with customers

Selling sex underwear requires a customer relationship.This largely depends on your ability, such as buyers’ reply, customer evaluation, customer complaints, and rapid solving problems.Establishing connection and trust is a long -lasting process, which takes time and energy.However, if you can successfully establish relations and trust with customers, you will get many loyal back customers.

in conclusion

Selling sexy underwear needs to pay attention to many details and skills in the almithm, so as to successfully survive and succeed in the competitive market.If any error, neglect or violation of regulations in this process, will deduct or remove directly, which means that your shop will not be able to generate income.Therefore, when selling interesting underwear, you must comply with the regulations of Ali Express, be careful, and believe that your shop will achieve great success.