Stolen the collection of beautiful women’s sexy underwear novel collection

Stolen the collection of beautiful women's sexy underwear novel collection

Guizi: A night of night thief

The night in the south always makes people feel cool and pleasant. On such a night, I discussed with a few friends to go out to find excitement together.The first suggestion is to attend the party, but we have all been to too many parties and we don’t want to repeat it anymore.Suddenly, a friend put forward an idea: go to steal beauty and sexy underwear!

first meet

The next night, the four of us came to a large shopping mall.When walking in the women’s underwear area, I saw a girl similar to me.She walked into a sexy underwear shop, so I went in to "explore the road."

Quanzi: Sexual Emotional Lingerie Type

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In this store, there are many types of sexy lingerie, including charming lace, fashionable clothes, beautiful bra and indulgent conjoined clothes.Even experts like me were completely conquered.Finally, I realized that I needed to take away something.

Careful plan: Stealing back sexy underwear

Late at night, we sneaked into the sexy underwear shop.We found the underwear we want, and then decided to start.I quickly stuffed a few underwear into my backpack, and my friends began to act.In an instant, I quickly raised my backpack under the stars, and then we rushed out together.

Tens of moments: being caught by the police

Before we walked out of the building, the police had been waiting at the door.We feel very bad because we can’t explain why we still stroll around in the mall in the middle of the night.In the end, the police let us open our backpack, which is full of unpaid sexy underwear.

Consequences: miss your reputation

In the end, my friends and I were taken away by the police.We suddenly realized that we were the opposite of standing morality and law.We made mistakes.As theft, we were blacklisted by the mall.

During the trial: reflection and remorse

During the trial, we were ashamed and reflected our failure.It is not desirable to make mistakes, and the price we pay is not worth it.In the process, we began to re -discover and cherish the importance of morality, rather than considering our own roughness and stupid confidence.

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Demand: Learn inscription

After being released from prison, we all have a new starting point.Our lesson let us recognize the importance of moral issues in life, and also discovered some wrong habits defects.Our past behavior was extremely stupid, but we did not give up or stagnate.We adjusted our ideas and started our lives again.

Conclusion: Cherish your morality

In this world, justice can always defeat evil.If you want to be a real person, you must choose the right path.It is an important rule to supervise your behavior and maintain your reputation at any time.Everyone has missed something, but what is important is that we can reflect on and adjust ourselves to teach our future inscriptions.Life is not a game, but a journey to find a real path.Let’s go, friends, cherish your morality.