Taobao sex lingerie opening process process

Taobao sex lingerie opening process process

1. Register Taobao account

As a seller on Taobao, you must first register a Taobao account.If you already have a Taobao account, you can skip this step.During the registration process, you need to fill in some basic information and perform real -name authentication.

2. Open the shop

After successfully registering the Taobao account, you need to open a store on the Taobao platform.Opening a store can be carried out in the personal center and fill in the corresponding information according to the type of stores you need to open.There are many types of shops on Taobao, and you need to choose stores related to your business type.

3. Registered enterprise account (non -required)

If you want to operate stores in the name of the company, it is recommended to register an enterprise account and conduct real -name authentication.Enterprise certification needs to provide some related certification documents such as business licenses.

4. Determine the store business category

During the opening of the store, the category of the operation is needed.Interest underwear belongs to the adult products category of Taobao platform and requires qualification certification.The specific authentication process can be conducted in the background of the seller or contacted customer service consultation related issues.

5. Beautify shop image

In order to increase the attractiveness of the store, it is necessary to beautify the image of the store, including store LOGO, store recruitment, decoration, etc.You can choose to use Taobao’s own shop decoration tools, or you can seek help from professional designers.

6. Prepare product information

Before the goods are on the shelves, you need to prepare product information.This includes the name of the product, the price, the detailed description, the picture, etc.It should be noted that before launching sexy underwear products, we must understand the relevant provisions of the Taobao platform and abide by relevant laws and regulations.

7. Started goods

After preparing the product information, you can put the product on the Taobao platform.During the launch, you need to fill in the relevant information of the product, and you need to fill in all the information of the product clearly and in detail.At the same time, it is necessary to update information such as the inventory, price and other information of the goods.

8. Promotion

After being put on the shelves, it is necessary to carry out publicity and promotion to increase the exposure and sales of the store.You can promote stores and products through social media platforms such as WeChat and Weibo, or to promote it through some promotion methods of Taobao platforms, such as through traffic, drilling exhibitions, etc.

9. Receive order

When a buyer places an order, you need to confirm the order in time and communicate with the buyer in time to ensure that the order can be completed smoothly.

10. Provide high -quality services

After completing the order, you need to provide high -quality services to provide buyers with a better shopping experience.This includes timely delivery, providing high -quality after -sales service, etc.By providing high -quality services, you can get more praise and retorters.


It is not difficult for Taobao to open a store in sexual underwear, but in order to obtain long -term profits in a fierce competition market, you need to work hard and continue to learn.I hope that this article will help readers who want to open a store and can encounter less difficulties during the store opening process.

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