The manager of the sex underwear store was exploded and missed the mother

Background introduction

As a sexy popular category, sexy underwear has higher requirements for women’s body and aesthetics.Recently, the incident of the store manager of a sexy underwear store has attracted the attention and discussion of many people.Behind this incident, there are many problems in the size, material, price and other aspects of sexy underwear. Let’s understand them one by one.

Size problem

Many women encounter sizes matching when buying sexy underwear.This problem is not just about appearing in the field of erotic underwear, but the common problem in the field of clothing.The store manager may avoid the fact that the same size of the customer is informing the actual size of the sales purpose, but forced the purchase of the wrong size or style of the wrong purchase.This will cause customers to be inappropriate after buying, and feel disappointed and dissatisfied.

Material problem

Interest underwear pays more attention to the choice and nature of the material than ordinary underwear.However, some unqualified or inappropriate materials may bring some adverse effects when customers wear sexy underwear, such as itching or allergies.If the manager is just to earn huge profits, the requirements for materials will be reduced, and even the selection of inferior materials will not only affect the customer’s experience, but also violate morality and business norms.

The price

Interest underwear is much higher than ordinary underwear.This is not only related to the cost of brands, materials, and production, but also affected by various factors such as store marketing strategies and personal quality of the store manager.If the manager pursues profits, it will harm customers’ interests.For example, some store managers will have high prices, or sell sub -products at low prices, which not only deceive customers, but also affect business ethics.

After -sales service issues

After -sales service is an important manifestation of a brand.When customers encounter problems when wearing sexy underwear, such as inappropriate sizes and problems in quality, they need to ask for help from the store.If the after -sales service of the store is not in place and the timely and effective solutions and feedback cannot be given, the customer’s rights and interests will not be guaranteed.The manager needs to maintain a good service attitude and service quality in all aspects of pre -sales, mid -sales, and after -sales.

Recommendation problem

There are many types and styles of sexy underwear, and different people have different needs.When recommending goods to customers, the manager should fully consider the actual needs and experiences of customers, rather than blindly pursuing high prices and high profits.The recommendation should be guided by the needs of customers to provide the most suitable choice, so that customers have trust and feel good about merchants.

Brand image problem

The brand image of sexy underwear stores is not only a manifestation of product quality, but also shows the cultural atmosphere and service attitude of the store.During the operation, the manager should pay attention to the image shape, so that customers have a more pleasant and satisfactory experience when buying sexy underwear.If the manager does not pay attention to the brand image, it may reduce the popularity and reputation of the store, and ultimately affect the development of the brand.

Open transparency problem

As a merchant, it is necessary to maintain open and transparent business behavior, otherwise it will lose the trust and support of customers.The manager should not risk violations of commercial legal ethics, such as publishing false advertising, fraud or infringing the interests of customers.Only on the basis of openness and transparency can we promote the mutual benefit of merchants and customers.

Security problem

The design and use of sexy underwear determine that its requirements for health and safety must be higher.The manager needs to be responsible for screening suppliers to ensure that the quality and safety of materials, product quality and safety meet the standards.If necessary, it should be performed and laboratory testing to avoid legal risks and quality problems of the store due to negligence.


The incident of sexy underwear shopkeepers caused the incident of thinking about her mother -in -law, which caused merchants and consumers to pay attention to the quality of sexy underwear.In order to develop long -term development, it is necessary to pay attention to the interests of customers, comply with business specifications, provide high -quality products and services, and create a good brand image and business reputation.At the same time, consumers also need to enhance their awareness of consumption and improve their ability to identify when choosing to buy sexy underwear to fully protect their own interests.

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