The novels of the male and female masters wearing sexy underwear

The first time male and female lead

The actor is a successful entrepreneur who has pursued countless girls, but he always feels a little shorter.The heroine is a sexy model, almost all men’s dream lover.The two met at a fashion party.

Their first date

After several gatherings of the two, they gradually felt good.The actor invited the heroine to go to his own apartment. The heroine was a little shy, but she agreed.

Interesting underwear debut

In the actor apartment, the moment they started to fall in love.At this time, the actor took out a set of sexy underwear from under the pillow. The heroine was a little surprised, but he also felt very interesting, so he tried it.

The role of sexy underwear

The male and female protagonists look more sexy and more confident.Their bodies are also more beautiful. After wearing sexy underwear, they are surrounded by fate and the flames of love, enjoying each other’s love and enthusiasm.

Selection skills of sexy underwear

Choosing sexy underwear not only requires comfortable materials, breathable, but also the design of your body.In addition to adding points to a beautiful erotic underwear, you can also make you focus on your lover.

The relationship between sexy underwear and sex life

Interest underwear not only allows you to have a better experience in daily life, but also can bring new changes and stimuli to your sexual life.They can increase the fun and passion of sex, as well as helping you and your partner to enjoy sex better.

The relationship between sexy underwear and inner heart

Fun underwear can also work in your heart, allowing you to be confident and emotional. They can help you be more confident and relaxed in sex, and achieve a kind of enjoyment and satisfaction in your body and spirit.

The choice of gender orientation underwear

Interest underwear is not only suitable for the match between the opposite sex.If you are a homosexual, you can also choose a beautiful sexy underwear to increase your sexual charm and maintain your confidence and sexy.

The relationship between sexy underwear and love satisfaction

Interest underwear is a good way to make people more confident, but don’t forget. When talking about love, sexy underwear is just one of the ways to feel beautiful and confident. There is no need to pursue too much.The important thing is to have true love and respect.

Point of view

Wearing erotic underwear can not only make you feel confident and beautiful, but also allow you to get greater satisfaction in love and sex.But remember what kind of underwear and how to choose, or you have to determine according to your own experience and figure.The important thing is that true love and respect with partners are the most important.Good feelings and mutual understanding are the key to reassuring and satisfaction.

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