The oldest sexy underwear

The oldest sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a very modern concept, which is usually considered to be popular in the 1950s or 1960s.However, in fact, underwear has existed in many cultures for hundreds of years.In this article, we will explore the oldest sexy underwear types.

Wooden restraint appliance

In ancient Japan, wooden restraint equipment was very common.These appliances are usually made of hardwood and have a variety of shapes and sizes to limit human movements.Although these wooden appliances are designed for practical purposes, many people have begun to regard them as a sexual tool.

European medieval tight -fitting corset

In the medieval Europe, women generally use tight corset to shape their bodies.These corsets are very tight and are often used to reduce waist circumference and increase chest size.Although these corsets are usually linked to traditional values such as chastity and decent, in modern times, they have been regarded as a type of sexy underwear.

Ulnar waist seal

In ancient China, the ulnar waist seal was also very common.This restraint is made of nylon or silk, which can be tied to the waist to shape the figure.In contemporary, the ulnar waist seal has become a type of sexy underwear and is widely used.

Jabaraki in India

Jabalaki is a traditional restraint in India, which is usually used for weddings or special festivals celebrations.This appliance is made of veil, beads and other decorations, which can be used to shape the figure and add sexy.Modern Jabaraki has evolved from traditional restraint to sexy underwear types.

Hamilton -style restraint appliance

The Hamilton -style restraint is derived from the life of British dancer Amanda Hamilton in the 18th century.This restraint instrument is made of silk ribbon, wool and ribbon, which usually causes the sexy visual effects wrapped around the body.This restraint has become an important type of sexy underwear in contemporary times.

Egypt’s metal corset

In ancient Egypt, women wore an item called metal corset to increase the size of the chest.This corset is usually made of metal and shells, and is considered a luxurious decoration.Modern metal corset has become a popular sexy underwear type.

Ancient hanging strap

Although the hanging straps became popular in the 20th century, the hanging strap has been for many years.In ancient Rome, women usually use hanging socks to bring fixed socks and avoid their decline.This restraint has become a popular sexy underwear type in contemporary times.

Indian bead belt

Among the many cultures of American Indians, bead belts are a very important traditional item.This belt is made of beads, animal skin, feathers and bones, which can be used to shape the body and increase sexy.Modern bead belt has become a popular sexy underwear type.


Although sexy underwear has become more and more popular in the past few decades, in fact, these types of items have already been for a long time.From ancient Japanese wooden restraint to Indians’ bead belt, these underwear types have long existed in many different cultures around the world.Whether you like traditional or modern underwear, you can find that their historical and cultural backgrounds are so rich and worth exploring.

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