Wear sex underwear to wet to wet

Wear sex underwear to wet to wet

Sexy underwear is a fashion choice for modern women, and it is becoming more and more popular.They are very sexy and can inspire women’s greatest charm.Putting on sex underwear can make women more confident and sexy.However, some wearable situations can cause wetness, which is very embarrassing and uncomfortable.In this article, we will answer the cause of humidity when wearing sexy underwear, and provide some methods to avoid and reduce humidity.

1. Dress material

Sex underwear is usually made of various materials, including cotton, fiber and lace.However, if you wear sexy underwear in hot weather, it is best to choose a very breathable material, such as a sexy underwear made of pure cotton or silk.

2. Pay special attention to the climate

The weather with hot and high humidity is one of the main reasons for wearing a sexy underwear to wet.In this case, it is best to avoid wearing a personal sexy underwear.In other words, in humid and high temperature, you should choose more loose and breathable sexy underwear.

3. Choose breathable underwear

External factors are essential for the humidity brought by wearing fun underwear.Choosing the right underwear can reduce the discomfort when wearing sexy underwear.In summer, it is recommended to choose breathable underwear, such as cotton panties, which can reduce humidity.

4. Keep cleaning

Wearing sexy underwear often leads to accumulating bacteria, which can cause increased humidity.Make sure your sexy underwear and body cleaning are very important.Before wearing, you must ensure that the shower is clean, and the sexy underwear must be cleaned.

5. Do a good job of moisturizing

Air conditioning and dry weather may cause the skin to be too dry, and to spray proper moisturizing spray, which will help reduce humidity.

6. Powder moisture -proof

There are some powder designed for humidity problems in the market, which can help you avoid wetness when wearing sexy underwear.These powders have anti -sweating characteristics and can absorb excess humidity.

7. Change the habit of dressing

If you have a situation where you often wear sexy underwear to wet, you can try to change your dressing habits.If there are no special occasions, you can relax yourself and wear clothes that make your body comfortable.

8. Keep your posture good

The body’s posture will affect the humidity when wearing sex underwear.Excessive weight and poor posture will increase the greater humidity when wearing sex underwear.Keep your posture well, which may reduce your humidity.

9. Drink enough water

Insufficient drinking water may cause the body to sweat and increase the humidity.Drinking enough water is good for body metabolism, reduces body temperature, and reduces sweating.

10. Keep confidence

Under the adverse effects of temperature and humidity, choosing a suitable dress will inevitably encounter problems, and we must maintain confidence in the face of wetness.Confidence can avoid clumsy and embarrassing when wearing sexy underwear.Maintain a good attitude is essential for a beautiful dressing experience

in conclusion:

It is a often and embarrassing problem when wearing sex underwear.Following the above suggestions and methods can help you reduce the occurrence of this problem and make you more confident and comfortable when wearing sexy underwear.Keep in mind that in the face of any challenges, having a good mentality and self -confidence is the key to solving the problem.

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