What do men wear sexy underwear?


Interest underwear is part of modern culture, and has become a must -have for more and more women’s shopping orders.However, some women think that sexy underwear is difficult to wear and it is difficult to show sexy effects and requires a lot of skills.So, what about wearing men?Can it really create a visual effect?Can men have a more sexy experience?

Sex of sex underwear

Interest underwear is usually divided into two types: one is a family wearing in private places, and the other is used for external wear.These erotic underwear are usually combined with various materials such as lace, silk, leather, mesh, etc., and the colors and styles also have very diverse choices.

Interests of underwear and men

Although sexy underwear is usually prepared for women, some styles are still suitable for men.For example, some tight vests, body -shaping pants, panties supported by hips, etc., these wearing men can release sexy atmosphere.

Can sexy underwear show chest?

In fact, many erotic underwear can show their chests, especially those cups are designed with very good styles.Especially those underwear with a triangular cup shape, its cup can support the chest well, and pull them upwards to create a sexy effect.

Let men’s sexy sexy underwear

For men, selective sexy underwear needs to consider the following points:

Keep simple and less decorative:

Men’s sexy underwear usually needs a simple and clear design to make it more sexy.Don’t pay too much attention to decoration, and don’t choose too complicated styles.

Materials and colors:

Black or bright sexy underwear is usually the most popular.In terms of materials, it is best to choose a soft, comfortable but tight material, such as cotton or nylon.

Appropriate size:

The appropriate size is very important, otherwise it will affect the comfort and visual effect of wearing.

What kind of sexy underwear should be selected in different body types?

Different body shapes are suitable for different erotic underwear, such as:

Slimped body type:

Slimped body types can usually try to wear tight sexy underwear to emphasize the body curve.

Plumbing type:

For a plump body, it is more suitable to choose a larger wide shoulder strap and cup -shaped sexy underwear.

What are the problems when wearing sexy underwear?

The following are some issues that need to be paid attention to when wearing sexy underwear:

Don’t choose too tight erotic underwear:

Excessive sexy underwear can affect blood circulation and breathing, and cause physical discomfort.

Pure cotton material is better:

Choosing a soft and comfortable sexy lingerie with cotton material will be more suitable for wearing.

Pay attention to the cleaning of the private parts:

Interest underwear is often used in private places, so it needs to be cleaned in time after use.

in conclusion

It is not easy to wear sexy underwear, but when choosing the right style and material, you can create visual effects and bring you a more sexy experience.Men can choose some simple, comfortable and tight sexy underwear.For women, pay attention to problems such as wearing comfort, cup type, body shape and color matching.

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