What is good to sell for sex underwear?


As a popular fashion in modern society, sexy underwear is not only a underwear, but also a way for women to show individuality.For a seller that is about to open the love underwear business, it is very important to play a nice and eye -catching name for his own products.

1. Highlight product characteristics

As a special underwear, sexy underwear is sexy and tempting.From this perspective, you can take out the sexy parts or characteristics of the product, and name it with a vivid noun or verb.For example, "pink tender mushrooms", "sullen triangle district", etc., can attract people’s attention at once.

2. It is consistent with the brand

Brand is an image, a good brand allows people to remember your products.When starting the name for sexy underwear, you can consider that the name is matched with the brand and reveal the style and temperament of the brand.For example, "charm" is a good name for the brand.

3. Name for the product

Interest underwear is a very individual product. Each has its own unique style and characteristics.Therefore, you can take a nice, easy memory, and unique name according to the style, material, and color of the product.Such as "Lace Goddess", "Crystal Palace" and so on.

4. Use English

English is a common language in the world. Using English naming can make your sexy underwear more international.English names are also easier to remember, so taking a meaningful, clear and good English name for sex underwear is also a good choice.

5. Short and easy to remember

A good name must be brief and easy to remember, so that it can make people easier to remember.Specifically, you can try to use the words of monochrome or dual -syllables as much as possible, or combine with various factors such as sound, shape, and righteousness, so that the name has a good rhythm and rhythm.For example, "Flower Fragrance", "Windmill Light Dance" and so on.

6. Quoting celebrity quotes or literary allusions

Budging from celebrities’ famous quotes or literary allusions, it is also a creative method of named for sexy underwear.For example, the "Modern Madman" originated from the novel of the same name "Modern Madman" of the famous American writer Onest, which has a strong literary atmosphere.

7. Follow the fashion trend

The fashion trend has been changing. As a sexy underwear seller, you must keep up with the pace of fashion trends.It can be combined with the latest fashion design and popular elements to name your products, such as "European and American Spicy Mom", "Korean Fashion" and so on.

8. Consider target customers and markets

Any product exists for customers, so it is necessary to name the sexy underwear based on the target customers and the market.For example, "Student Party Exclusive", "Goddess scale", etc., can not only reflect product characteristics, but also attract target customers.

9. Related to the season

Fashion elements in different seasons are also different, so you can take different names for sex underwear according to different seasons to attract more consumers.For example, "Fans of Spring", "Summer Flowers", "Autumn Dream", "Myth of Winter" and so on.

10. Refer to the sexy underwear brand in the market

As an emerging sexy underwear seller, while starting a good name for your own products, you can also refer to the sexy underwear brands in the market.To understand their brand style and naming rules, you can provide a good reference and reference for your product naming.


Name for sexy underwear requires certain skills and creativity. Only a nice and eye -catching name can attract more consumers’ attention.The above ten methods can make a more suitable name for your sexy underwear to increase the sales rate of the product.

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