What is the name of the rope sex underwear?

What is the name of the rope sex underwear?

In the sexy underwear brand, rope sex lingerie is a relatively special type. Its design is unique, which can create a feeling of bonding and sexy for the wearer.For consumers who buy rope sex lingerie, it is often difficult to find a rope sexy underwear with good quality, moderate prices, and diverse styles.This article will introduce several optional rope sexy underwear brands, with a view to providing some useful consulting information for consumers who love rope sex lingerie.

1. First experience: Esther Lingerie

Esther Lingerie is a brand centered on designing women.Although there are not many styles of sexy lingerie in their ropes, the design is very sufficient and the details are in place.While sexy, the sense of restraint and strong visual impact of the rope has also been improved.In terms of overall positioning, Esther Lingerie is a very complete and quality -assured brand.

2. Follow the excellence: lingadore

As a female underwear brand, Lingadore focuses on the processing and design innovation of details, and its rope erotic underwear is no exception.In terms of style design and quality, Lingadore adds more details to other brands, such as more comfortable shoulder straps and buckle design.In this regard, Lingadore and Esther Lingerie have great similarities, but they pay more attention to details.

3. Classic masterpiece: Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey is a brand from the best -selling novel "Fifty Degree Gray", and there is also a place in the fun underwear brand.Its rope has a variety of sexy lingerie styles. It has a full set of restraint suits and styles containing only ropes, which is more suitable for those who pursue experience or presented in depth.On the whole, Fifty Shades of Grey is more simple and clear and classic in design, and is more suitable for solid consumers.

4. Bold attempt: Anabella

Anabella is a young and bold sexy underwear brand.On rope erotic underwear, Anabella tried different colors and structural design, focusing on its applicability and wearing.In contrast, Anabella’s rope sexy lingerie styles are more bold and more suitable for those bold and expressive consumers.

5. Security and guarantee: love and vibes

Whether it is the choice of product or design style, LOVE and Vibes pays great attention to its safety and practicality.Its rope has a simple and practical style, but the quality and brand guarantee are very guaranteed.This is also the fundamental point of LOVE and Vibes in the market.

6. Novel styles: Lascivious Lingerie

Lascivious Lingerie is a very creative and international sexy underwear brand.Its rope sex lingerie style is novel, simple and elegant, and is very suitable for people who pursue novelty and high -quality people.

7. The best in history: Escante

As the leader of the sexy underwear brand, Escante will naturally not let go of the market for rope sex underwear.Its styles are very diverse, especially those who have a deep sexy underwear design that make people want to try. The richness is to sit on the number of positions in the rope sex underwear brand.

8. Extreme enjoyment: Coco de Mer

Coco de MER is a very high -end sexy lingerie brand with brand positioning on design and service.Its rope has a high texture of the underwear style, and pays more attention to the touch and texture of the rope.For those who have distinctive personality and sober appeal, Coco De Mer is a very attractive brand choice.

9. Personal customization: Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a personalized fashion underwear brand, and its rope sex lingerie is no exception.For those who don’t like classic styles, Agent Provocateur provides customized services, so that you can get a personalized experience and custom feeling, and the quality is also guaranteed.

10. Strong choice: NASTY GAL

In rope sex lingerie brands, NASTY GAL is a more cost -effective brand.Although it is slightly inferior to quality, it is relatively attractive in style and price.For users who are pursuing cheap and experienced, choosing Nasty Gal is not a bad choice.


In general, rope sexy underwear brands are not large in the market, but they are very rich in types. They also have their own brand positioning, design style and price.For different groups, the appropriate brand choice is also very different, and needs to be weighed according to their needs and budgets.

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