What kind of underwear is in sexy underwear?

What kind of underwear is in sexy underwear?

As a sexy underwear expert, I often receive some users: What kind of underwear should I wear in sexy underwear?This seems to be a very simple problem, but in fact, many aspects need to be considered.This article will fully explain what kind of underwear should be worn in the sexy underwear and gives some recommendations for underwear.

1. Choose the underwear with the right size

When choosing underwear, the size is very important.If the sexy underwear does not match the size of the underwear, it may affect the wear effect.If the underwear is too small, the belly is prominent and uncomfortable. If the underwear is too large, the sexy underwear will not be tight enough.Therefore, be sure to choose the size of your body.

Second, choose breathable and comfortable underwear materials

When choosing suitable underwear materials, breathable comfort is the most basic needs.Taking cotton underwear as an example, it can absorb sweat and quickly emit it, so that your skin is dry.Whether it is nylon, polyester fiber, or silk such as silk, it should be breathable, so that you feel comfortable when wearing sexy underwear.

Third, selective sexy lace panties

The material of sexy underwear is usually very sexy, such as silk, lace, etc.Therefore, when choosing underwear, you should choose to match the sexy underwear that is suitable for your own style.Lace underwear is usually the first choice. It has elegant design and sexy touch, which can add a lot of charm to sexy underwear.

4. Choose high waistpot bone underwear

For some women who need to wear tight -fitting sexy underwear, high waistpot bone panties are a good choice.It can steadily shape the abdominal curve and make the figure look more beautiful.In addition, high waistpot bone underwear can also play the effect of restricting the accumulation of waist fat and achieve the effect of tightening waistline and belly.

5. Choose abdominal underwear

For some women with slightly rounded figures, you can choose abdominal underwear.The abdominal underwear helps to shape the waistline and hip curve, and after putting it on, it plays a role in tightening the waist.The abdominal underwear is usually designed without trace. It is difficult to discover after putting it on, so it is very suitable for sexy lingerie.

6. Choose no trace panties

For women who need to wear tight -fitting sexy underwear, no trace underwear is a good choice.Warrison -free underwear can effectively avoid the generation of underwear lines, making your wear more beautiful.In addition, no trace underwear is usually high elastic, which can better modify your hip curve and show a charming figure.

Seven, choose exquisite thong

If your sexy underwear design is more avant -garde and bold, you can match exquisite thongs.Through pants are usually clavicle, giving a very sexy feeling, which is very suitable for a split -style sexy underwear.

8. Choose leopard panties

Leopard panties have always been one of the choices that sexy underwear lovers like.They can show you the charm and let your sexy index rising instantly.Leopard panties are suitable for sexy underwear with various styles and styles, especially some attractive underwear, such as lace underwear, split underwear, etc.

Nine, choose solid color panties

If your sexy underwear is already fancy, it is also a good choice with a classic and simple solid color underwear.Pure color underwear usually has simple design and classic style, which makes people feel very comfortable and natural.

10. Choose classic briefs

For some people who don’t like to wear high waistpot bone panties, classic briefs are also a good choice.Brokers can show your hip curve well, making you look more beautiful.In addition, classic briefs also have simple design and classic styles, which makes people feel very natural.

In summary, there are many types of underwear in sexy underwear. The most important thing is that you should choose underwear suitable for your body and sexy lingerie.Whether it is high waistpot underwear, abdominal underwear, no trace panties, or exquisite thongs, leopard panties and solid panties, you should choose according to your actual needs.

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