Where do you want to dry the underwear?

Where do you dry all the sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a sexy and unique underwear, which are usually used for private occasions or a surprise gift between husband and wife.However, after you buy a sexy underwear, do you know how to deal with these beautiful and special clothes?This article will introduce where to dry all the sexy underwear.

1. It should not be dried in the sun

First of all, we need to remind everyone that any erotic underwear should not be dried in the sun.Because the fabric and design of the sexy underwear are very unique, the sunshine ultraviolet rays will turn the underwear color and even damage the fabric.

2. It is recommended to dry in a cool place

Therefore, we recommend that you dry your sexy underwear in a cool place.The best way is to place a clothing rack or drying rack in the room, and let the sexy underwear dry naturally.

3. Folding and hiding

In addition to drying, we also suggest that you fold it and put it in a drawer or wardrobe after passing through the sex lingerie.This can protect the shape and fabric of sexy underwear, and prevent wrinkles, folds and deformation.

4. Avoid cleaning with a washing machine

Interest underwear is very delicate, so we strongly recommend not to put it in the washing machine.Laundry opportunities bring impact and stretching underwear to damage underwear.

5. Best hand washing

The best way is to wash.Soak the sexy underwear with warm water for a few minutes, and then wash it with gently soap.Do not use bleach or detergent because they may damage clothes.Finally, rinse underwear with water.

6. Use a dedicated underwear bag

When dealing, we recommend that you use a special underwear bag.Underwear bags can prevent sexy underwear from stirring with other clothing and prevent underwear from being broken by hooks, zippers or other clothes.

7. It is recommended to choose natural fabrics

If you want to choose durable styles when buying sexy underwear, select sexy underwear made from natural cotton or silk.These underwear are softer, comfortable, and easier to clean than synthetic fibers.

8. Avoid violent rubbing

Whether it is hand washing or in the washing machine, we recommend that you avoid violent rubbing underwear.This may cause damage or damage underwear.Instead, gently press or squeeze sexy underwear gently to remove excess water.

9. Don’t clean it with hot water

Finally, we recommend that you do not use hot water to clean sexy underwear.High temperature will shrink or damage the fabric.Instead, use warm water to clean sexy underwear.

10. Viewpoint

In general, when you have a beautiful sexy underwear, we recommend that you take care of it carefully to ensure that it is beautiful, clean and complete.In this article, we provide some ways to dry the sexy underwear, I hope you can get help from it.

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