Who should get the money in sex underwear?


The market for sex underwear is getting hotter and hotter. Many people buy sexy underwear to increase sexual interest.But in some cases, who should pay for sexy underwear?Is it a man or a woman?Or are they both responsible?Let’s discuss this problem below.

Who pays?

First of all, of course, you should consider who will benefit from the sexy underwear.If a man buys sexy underwear for his girlfriend or wife, of course, men should be paid.This is because sexy underwear exists to increase sexual interest, and men are the main consumers who buy these underwear.

Should women buy itself?

However, in some cases, women will also buy sexy underwear by themselves. In this case, women should be paid by themselves.This is because women also care about their rights and feelings.If we let men buy sexy underwear for women, this seems to ignore women’s autonomy.Therefore, in this case, it is acceptable to pay for their own sexy lingerie.

For those with uncertain gender

Of course, some people may not be sure of their gender or think they have nothing to do with gender.In this case, they should be decided by themselves.If they feel that erotic underwear will improve their sexual life, they should be paid by them.

Sharing cost

In some cases, men and women may be responsible, such as Valentine’s Day or birthday gifts.In this case, they can share each other, or buy sexy underwear together.In this way, it can not only save expenses, but also increase the intimate relationship between the two parties.

Is money important

Some people think that wealth is an important issue and use money to measure relationships.But in fact, money should not be the main factor affecting people’s relationships.If you believe that sexy underwear will bring more fun to your sex life, then you should buy it -no matter who you pay.

The point is to care about each other

Most importantly, both men and women should care and respect each other.Interest underwear is just a means to enhance sexual life, not the standard for measuring each other.If men and women can understand and support each other, they will find that sexy underwear can not only increase sexual interest, but also increase the feelings of both parties.


There is no fixed answer on this issue.Everyone has their own opinions and claims.But no matter who pays for sexy underwear, it is important that both parties have an open mind and truly care about each other’s feelings.

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