Why do waxes in sexy underwear used?

What is the wax in sex underwear

Interest underwear is a fashion that modern women are keen. In addition to sexy underwear, this underwear usually contains some professional design elements.Some of these design elements include wax in sexy underwear.

The purpose of wax in sex underwear

Wax is a substance that can improve the geometric of sexy underwear.It can better fix, protect and improve the shape and texture of sexy underwear.In sexy underwear, the more common approach is to add waxes to some parts of the shape, such as chest and hips.

Different types of wax

The wax used in sex underwear is not the same type.At present, the waxes in sex underwear are mainly divided into two types, which are hard waxes and soft waxes.The use of hard waxes is more useful to produce a bond and corner lines on sexy underwear, and soft waxes focus more on creating a more tender and full texture of the body.

The use of hard waxes

Hard wax is common in some suitable sporty underwear.Because it can disperse the shock in exercise, and better protect the women’s chest and hips from being injured by exercise.At the same time, hard waxes are also widely used in some underwear design that needs to emphasize lines.

Soft wax use occasions

Compared with hard waxes, soft waxes are more suitable for some sexy lingerie styles that need to emphasize softness and texture.For example, some sexy lace shirts, triangular underwear, etc. will add soft waxes to the chest and hips to make it fuller, soft and touch.

The influence of wax on the body

Some people may misunderstand that waxing can cause harm to the body.But in fact, the wax used in erotic underwear has been scientifically tested, which will not cause any side effects to the body.Of course, if you have very sensitive skin, you can consider choosing to add better wax.

How to clean the wax correctly

Cleaning wax is relatively troublesome, but it is not difficult.First, you need to use a mild soapy water or a special sexy underwear washing to clean the wax gently, and then gently dry it with a towel.Do not use overheated water or strong acid and alkali to avoid the quality of damage to wax.

How to maintain wax

The correct maintenance method can make the wax life longer.Please avoid exposing wax in the sun or high -temperature environment as much as possible, because they easily cause the hardness and elasticity of the wax to decrease, thereby reducing its use effect.When storing, wax should be placed in a dry, cool and ventilated place to maintain its best state.

Points and precautions for waxing

When using sexy underwear, ensure that the wax is dry and clean.In addition, choose suitable wax according to different underwear styles and shapes.If you feel uncomfortable or have any allergic reactions, you should stop using wax immediately.


Wax is an important auxiliary material in sexy underwear. It can help women better shape their body lines and texture, making sexy underwear more attractive and attractive.Selecting and using wax reasonably can make your sexy underwear more perfect.

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