Will the sexy underwear not washed in infecting syphilis?

Sexy underwear and syphilis

In modern times, sexy underwear has become a sex culture, and more and more people are used.However, a rumor has recently circulated: not washing the sexy underwear will infect syphilis, which makes many people feel frightened and uneasy.In this article, we will explore this topic in depth and answer the authenticity of this rumor.

The way of transmission of syphilis

First, we must understand the way of spreading syphilis.Syphilis is a sexually transmitted transmission through sexual contact.This means that it is possible to be infected with syphilis when sexual behaviors who are infected with syphilis.

Whether sexy underwear can infect syphilis

Interest underwear itself cannot infect syphilis.If you pass through sexy underwear and patients with close contact and sexual intercourse, then you can be infected with syphilis.Therefore, sexy underwear itself does not increase your risk of infection with syphilis.

Survival time of syphilis virus on the surface of the object

The duration of the virus on the surface of the object is related to environmental factors, and not all viruses can survive on the surface of the object for a long time.For example, ordinary cold viruses can only survive on the surface of the object for several hours. During this time, if you contact the infected person, you can be infected.

Sanitary measures of sexy underwear

Interesting underwear is a kind of personal item, so it is very important to keep it hygiene.In order to reduce the risk of infection syphilis, you can take the following measures:

Wash with soap and warm water after each use, and then dry it.

Avoid many people sharing sexy underwear.

Avoid making fun underwear in humid places.

Frequently change sexy underwear.

Prevention of syphilis

For patients with sexually transmitted diseases, a condom is an effective way to protect themselves and others from being infected with syphilis.In addition, receiving conventional STD tests can also help prevent syphilis.If you have symptoms of syphilis, such as pain, ulcers, fever and rash on genitals, please seek medical treatment immediately.


Although the sexy underwear itself does not contain syphilis, it is important to maintain its hygiene in order to protect yourself and others.If you have sex, use condoms, and often perform sexually transmitted medical examinations to effectively prevent syphilis.

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