Will you be sneaked if you make a sexy underwear model?

Will you be sneaked if you make a sexy underwear model?


Making sex underwear models is a very challenging profession.Not only requires supermodel appearance and figure, but also to have confidence and courage.However, some people may worry about whether the sexy underwear model will suffer hidden rules or sexual harassment.In this article, we will explore this issue and give some response strategies.

Factual analysis

Just like any industry, there are some bad practitioners in the sexy underwear industry.Some supervisors or photographers may use their positions to abuse their power and occupy the cheapness of female models through hidden rules or sexual harassment.

However, it should be noted that such behavior is not unique to the sexy underwear industry.There are similar problems in other industries.

Industry specification

The industry has its own norms and standards.In the sexy underwear industry, professional photographers and staff are taken to take photos for models.Before work, sign a formal contract with the model to explain the rights and obligations of both parties in detail.Photographers must follow the shooting project stipulated in the contract, and must not request models to undress or conduct irrelevant physical contact without authorization.

Do a good job of self -prevention

Even if the industry is standardized, the existence of bad practitioners in reality is inevitable.Therefore, as a model, you must learn how to protect yourself.Before work, you must sign a contract with your employer and read the content of the contract carefully.If there are vague clauses in the contract, be sure to make it clear with the employer.During the shooting process, pay attention to keeping alertness. Once there is inappropriate requirements, decisively refuse and report to the employer.

Seek help

If the behavior of bad practitioners causes the model to harm the model, it should be reported to the police in a timely manner and actively seek help.At the same time, you can also report to the industry association that the association will take action to protect the model’s rights.

Improvement of the industry

Employees in the industry should strengthen their professional ethics and establish a correct professional concept.Industry associations should formulate more detailed industry specifications and implement stricter regulatory measures.Only in this way can we effectively avoid the behavior of bad practitioners.

The quality of the model itself

To make sexy underwear models not only need to have excellent appearance and figure, but also to have confidence and courage, but also have certain professionalism.Models should always maintain a good attitude and abide by professional ethics and industry norms.Only in this way can we get more opportunities and better development.


Doing sex underwear models will not be sneaked. As long as you follow industry norms and strictly restrict your behavior.At the same time, the model must also have the ability to protect and ask for help. Once a bad behavior occurs, decisively refuses, and promptly ask the relevant departments for help.Industry associations should also further strengthen supervision and formulate more detailed and strict industry specifications.Only by protecting the rights and interests of models in all directions can we promote the healthy, stable and rapid development of the industry.

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