You can put on the street in sex underwear pants?

Can I put on the street in sex underwear?

Sexy underwear is a underwear made of sexy and unique design concepts. In recent years, it has been popular in the market.Some people are keen to wear sex underwear in private occasions, such as bedrooms, but some people want to wear them outside to show their sexy and charm.So, can I put on the street in sex underwear?This article will answer this question for you.

1. Wearing sexy underwear requires courage

First of all, you need to wear sexy underwear to go to the streets to need a certain courage and confidence.After all, the original intention of this underwear is to show sexy and tempting.If you are not confident in the streets, you can feel embarrassing and uncomfortable if you are not confident.Therefore, you must first consider your self -confidence and courage when considering wearing sexy underwear.

2. Select suitable occasions

Of course, you need to choose a suitable occasion to wear sex underwear.Interest underwear is suitable for wearing more dim occasions, such as night, nightclubs, etc.In public places during the day, do not show too much skin or design.In addition, if you want to wear sexy underwear to participate in special occasions, such as Halloween and birthday party, then selective sexy exaggerated design will be more decent and show your sexy charm.

3. Choose the right style

Except for the occasion, it is also important to choose the right style.Although some styles are suitable for wearing in private occasions, it will appear too exposed and weird in public, and it is easy to cause onlookers and criticism.It is suitable to choose a simple, generous and sexy style suitable for sexy underwear wearing in public, which will leave a good impression.

4. Pay attention when matching

As a underwear, it is not recommended to wear it alone.When wearing outside, you can choose to match a long T -shirt, sports jacket, etc. The length of the clothes can cover the problem of pants, so that the overall matching looks more decent.In addition, choosing the right accessories is also very important. You can choose some sexy, sexy underwear elements to match the overall shape.

5. Falling underwear pants material

Before wearing sexy underwear, you must also consider the problem of material.Some erotic underwear may use thick and pasted materials, and wearing it is easier to produce discomfort.Therefore, you can choose to use comfortable, elastic cotton or silk fabrics as sexy underwear wearing outside.

6. It must be comfortable to wear

At the same time, the size of sexy underwear should be paid attention to.Although sexy underwear is relatively small in design, you must choose the size of your body, and it will be more comfortable to wear.

7. Pay attention to social specifications

Of course, wearing sexy underwear in public should also pay attention to social norms.Don’t be uncomfortable due to the too sexy wearing, and don’t violate local public occasions, avoid unnecessary trouble.

8. Sexy underwear can also be the basic model of the wardrobe

Sexy underwear can also be a basic model for your wardrobe.In some leisure occasions, you can choose some simple erotic underwear to wear, which will make your wardrobe more changeable and diverse.

9. Persist in your style

When choosing sexy underwear, you must also adhere to your style.Choose sexy underwear that conforms to your style, don’t ignore your aesthetics in order to pursue the trend.

10. Summary

In summary, sexy underwear can also be put on the street.However, when wearing, pay attention to occasions, styles, matching and other issues, follow social norms, choose sexy underwear that is comfortable and suitable for your body, and maintain your own style in order to truly show your sexy and charm.

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