14 years of sex underwear contest

14 years of sex underwear contest

In the sexy underwear industry, there are various forms of competitions every year.In 2014, a long -awaited sex underwear contest finally ended.This game has attracted much attention because of its professionalism, innovation and globality.Below, we will introduce you to the wonderfulness of this game.

1. The theme of innovation

The theme of innovation is the biggest feature of this game.The theme of this competition is "sexy art, wild freedom".Under this theme, the designers closely combine their own style and creativity, and give full play to their personal talents and imagination, and create many unique sexy underwear designs.

2. Globalization competition

Unlike other sexy underwear competitions, this competition has attracted participants from all over the world.In addition to players from Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Australia, players from Africa and Antarctica have participated in the competition, which makes the competition present a diverse culture and style.

3. Professional jury team

The jury team is the essence of this game.It is composed of experts from fashion, art and underwear around the world. They evaluate and analyze each work, and score from details to overall to ensure the fairness and justice of the game.In addition, the review standards also pay special attention to the design, style, materials, and photography effects of design.

4. Various participation styles

During the competition, the designers created a variety of styles through their own grasp of different materials and styles.There are visual models, lace models, silk models, diamonds, and so on, each of which has unique features in design.This also made the game a popular event.

5. Passing of ideas

In this competition, designers are not only showing their design works, they are also passing their ideas and spirit.They spread their design ideas and inner feelings to the world through various channels. These ideas and feelings have also inspired more people’s attention and love for sexy underwear.

6. Designer’s innovative concept

The innovative concept of design is the soul of this competition.The designers have created many unique styles through their own innovative concepts.They broke the tradition and tried to use different materials, colors and shapes to make sexy underwear more wonderful and rich.

7. Visual performance of the game

The visual performance of the game was impressed.In addition to the works of the designers, the stage layout of the game is also a highlight.On the field, the designers showed their ideas and concepts in front of the audience. This global event became the favorite of photographers.

8. The influence of the competition

This competition is not only a game, but also a feast of fashion, culture, creativity and art.It is worth mentioning that this competition represents the high -end and innovation of the sexy underwear industry, thereby further promoting the development of this industry.This game also made more people realize the importance and charm of sexy underwear design.


The 2014 Fun Underwear Contest is a colorful visual feast, showing designers’ unique understanding and creativity of sexy underwear.This competition proves that sexy underwear design is a high -end art and has unlimited potential and possibilities.This game not only attracted designers around the world, but also deepened people’s hearts, which caused countless people to explore and pay attention to the design of sexy underwear.

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