Baichang sexy underwear model atlas

Baichang sexy underwear model atlas

1. Sexy underwear

Sexy underwear covers a variety of styles, with common exposed milk design, split design, perspective design, etc.Such underwear is usually decorated with thin materials, lace lace or beads. It creates a sexy atmosphere by showing the curve and graceful attitude of the female body.In order to present the best effect, sexy underwear usually needs to be paired with high -heeled shoes, stockings and other accessories.

2. Uniform temptation

Uniform temptation is another classic sexy underwear type.This style imitate various professional dresss, such as nurses, students, police, etc.Increase sexual interests and stimuli by dressing up different occupations.Uniform underwear is usually equipped with a certificate badge, tie or exquisite decoration, with irony or teasing auxiliary elements.

3. Girl costume

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The maid’s clothing originated in Europe, and it has now become a very popular sexy lingerie style.Maid clothes are usually designed with deep V -neck and short skirts, and are decorated with lace lace and bow.The maid costume can be paired with smooth stockings and high heels to increase the temptation of the desire.

4. Ballet series

The ballet series is a charming sexy underwear type, which is inspired by ballet dance.Ballet underwear is usually decorated with solid colors and lace, with a bow and skeleton design, which can better display women’s beautiful curves and temperament.This underwear can be suitable for sexy parties and gender role -playing.

5. role -playing series

The role -playing series is a very interesting and exciting sexy underwear type.The role -playing series can be transformed into a variety of different roles, such as school flowers, nurses, and empty.This style usually uses various materials and decoration to present the characteristics of the character.This underwear is suitable for interaction with lovers and various gatherings.

6. Leather underwear

Leather underwear is a very sexy and exciting sexy underwear type.Leather underwear is usually decorated with PU material and imitation leather. While showing female body lines, it also gives people an unusual feeling.This underwear is suitable for FETISH party and role -playing.

7. Cat and women’s clothing

Cat and women’s clothing is derived from the sexy underwear type in Japan. This style is sexy, cute, and teasing. It also has a certain degree of feminine charm.Cat women’s clothing is usually made of black plush or cortex, plus the decoration of cat ear and tail insertion, making women instantly become a mysterious wild cat girl.


8. Open crotch underwear

Open crotch underwear is a very exciting and sexy sexy underwear type.Open crotch underwear usually uses various materials and decorations, but the difference between it is that the open crotch underwear is designed with opening or cracks in the key parts, so that the wearer can enjoy sex in various occasions.Pleasure.

9. Tights

Tights are a sexy and comfortable sexy underwear type.This style is usually made of soft and elastic materials. After shaping it closely, it highlights the curve and beauty of women’s figure.Tight pants are suitable for family leisure or sports occasions, and can also be used with other sexy underwear.

10. belly pocket underwear

Beltic underwear is a very sexy and special sexy lingerie style.This style is designed with cute, compact and unique.Beltic underwear is usually red or black, often paired with stockings or high heels.The bellyband underwear is suitable for self -enjoyment or a surprise in front of the lover.

Viewpoint: Interests of underwear not only a good choice to increase sexual interest and color, but also the perfect way to show the beautiful curve and sexy style of women.Various types of erotic underwear can be selected according to different occasions and needs. Whether at home or in a party, you can show the most beautiful side with the help of sexy underwear.