Cheongsam Ludy Influence Underwear Picture


Cheongsam Louryy underwear is a very popular sexy underwear. Its style and design are very unique.This erotic underwear is the product of cleverly combining the design elements of cheongsam and underwear.The noble, elegant, and sexy of the cheongsam is combined with the softness, closeness and exquisiteness of the underwear, so that the wearer has a beautiful and charming cheongsam beauty, but also the practicality and comfort of the underwear, which has become its most charming feature.


There are many kinds of materials for cheongsam Lurin’s erotic underwear, but the commonly used materials are silk, lace, yarn, nylon, etc.These materials are very soft and comfortable, making the wearer feel very comfortable.

Design style

The design style of cheongsam Lurin sexy underwear is very diverse.One of the classic styles is a cheongsam design that can make the skirt into a high fork design, plus hollow, semi -transparent hollow and other elements, allowing the wearer to show the perfect curve without losing the noble atmosphere of women.In addition, the cheongsam back underwear is also very popular. By exposing the back, the wearer looks more sexy.

color match

The color matching of cheongsam Lurin’s sexy underwear is also very colorful.Classic colors include black, red, white, etc., but there are also some very bold colors, such as pink, gold, blue or dark purple.No matter what color matching, it can show a unique temperament and personality.

Wearing occasion

Cheongsam Louryy underwear is a kind of sexy underwear that can be worn outdoors. Wearing it can participate in various gatherings or dates with partners.When wearing, you can consider choosing a suitable occasion, such as participating in party or club gatherings, wearing it to show your sexy temptation.

With suggestions

When matching cheongsam Louneo sexy underwear, you can match high heels and red lips to add confidence and sexy.At the same time, you can choose appropriate accessories to make yourself more prominent.


When wearing a cheongsam, you should pay special attention to the hygiene problems that wear multiple times, and regularly clean and change pajamas.At the same time, pay attention to your own figure and choose the right size and style to better show your charm.

Target population

Cheongsam Lurin’s sexy underwear is suitable for dressed in love, romantic, sexy couples or couples, making their lives more colorful, passionate and tempting.


In short, cheongsam Lubine sexy underwear is a very unique sexy underwear.Whether it is style, material, design or color matching, it is very chic and beautiful, and it is very suitable for lovers of fashion, romance and sexy atmosphere. I hope this sexy underwear can bring you an unforgettable experience.

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