Domestic female star erotic underwear

Domestic female star erotic underwear

Domestic female star erotic underwear

As a sexy clothing, sexy underwear has gradually emerged in the domestic market.The female stars of public figures are not chasing this fashion trend.Let ’s take a look at some domestic female stars in sexy underwear.

Yang Mi

Yang Mi has always shown people with a fresh and refined image, but she is a small fresh meat fans deep in her heart.At the 2019 Shanghai Fashion Week, Yang Mi was photographed wearing a set of black sexy underwear to attend the event, showing sexy beauty.This time her dress not only conforms to the trend of interesting underwear in stockings, but also shows her trendy attitude.

Fan Bingbing

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Fan Bingbing has always shown people with a noble and elegant shape, but she is also one of the fans of sexy underwear.In the movie "The Mystery", Fan Bingbing wore a dark sexy underwear in front of the camera, which was amazing.Although her sexy underwear is more dull, its lace lace design and deep V -neck design are very eye -catching.

Lin Xinru

Lin Xinru has always been known as a fresh and natural image, but she has also tried some sexy way of dressing in recent years.She once wore a lace lace decoration sexy underwear at the event, completely showing her sexy charm.And her dress also provides a new reference for the soft balance between sexy and fresh.

Liu Shishi

Liu Shishi won a lot of fans with her noble and elegant and sweet gesture.However, she is not lacking in sexy elements in wearing.At a event, Liu Shishi wore a perspective sexy underwear, exuding a faint sexy atmosphere, showing another charming side.

Tang Yan

Tang Yan is very popular with a sweet and refined image, but she sometimes tries some sexy dressing methods.In the TV series "Biography of Chu Qiao", Chu Qiao played by Tang Yan appeared in front of the camera wearing a red and sexy underwear, perfectly showing his female charm.This sexy but dignified dress has won many fans.

Chen Qiaoen

Chen Qiaoen likes to try all kinds of dressing styles, and she is no exception in sexy underwear.At the scene of the reality show "Idol Trainee", Chen Qiaoen was wearing a set of sexy underwear combined with lace lace and mesh, showing his perfect figure, making countless fans crazy.


Zhao Liying

Zhao Liying was very popular with her fresh and sweet image, but she occasionally surprised in fashion.In the TV series "Biography of Chu Qiao", Chu Qiao played by Zhao Liying also appeared in the play in a white sexy underwear.Such a simple white erotic underwear is very eye -catching with Zhao Liying’s temperament.

Zhang Yuqi

Zhang Yuqi has always been known for being sexy, and her style is also reflected in her sexy underwear.In a blockbuster in the magazine "Men’s Clothing", Zhang Yuqi wore a black erotic underwear, posing a variety of sexy postures, showing her charm to the audience everywhere.

Li Xiaolu

Li Xiaolu has always been known as the Queen of the underwear drama, and her accomplishment in underwear is obvious to all.On the variety show "Run!"In ", Li Xiaolu wore a black sexy underwear and showed her charming figure elegantly.She also often shares her underwear on social media and shows her fans her unique outlook on underwear.

Zhou Xun

Zhou Xun has always been known for its unique temperament and personalized shape, as is her sexy underwear style.In a large group of fashion magazines "ELLE", Zhou Xun wore black and sexy underwear, which naturally exuded his sexy atmosphere.Her fashion attitude has also injected new vitality into the underwear market.


The trend of sexy underwear is not only circulating between ordinary people, but also the wearing of female stars is also a driving force.Their sexy and classic combinations, as well as the keen grasp of underwear fashion, not only brought us a different sexy way of dressing, but also provided an important fashion reference to the market.