European and American gorgeous star sex lingerie map

European and American gorgeous star sex lingerie map

European and American gorgeous star sex lingerie map

1 Introduction

The European and American stars can always attract people’s attention, and they have also shown a strong influence in the fashion industry.In terms of erotic underwear, European and American stars have demonstrated a variety of styles, becoming an indispensable part of the fashion trend.

2. Pajamas category

The sexy underwear of European and American stars is mainly divided into two categories, one is pajamas, and the other is sexy underwear.In terms of pajamas, European and American dawn pays attention to colorful skirts and naughty styles, such as pink, light blue long skirts, translucent lace tops, etc., which brings a relaxed and cute feeling.

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3. Sexy underwear category

Another type of sexy underwear is sexy underwear. The design here is more bold and open, and the combination of sexy and sexual fashion.For example, red perspective underwear, black hollow bra, lace coats covering half of the body, etc. are full of teasing and temptation.

4. Lace elements

In the European and American star’s sexy underwear design, lace elements are also inevitable.The use of lace materials can create an elegant and sexy atmosphere.For example, the classic black lace bra, with a red tulle skirt with the same style, brings surprisingly sexy beauty.

5. Details

The sexy underwear design of European and American stars pays attention to the design of the style, but it is also very important for details.For example, with shiny crystal embellishment with lace, designing special shoulder straps with metal chains, etc., all show the designer’s ingenuity.

6. Historical changes

Interesting underwear has a long history in the development of Europe and the United States.From tight -fitting corsets at the end of the 19th century, to women in the early 20th century, to the mink vests in the middle of the 20th century, each period has its own sexy lingerie style, showing the style of the times and women’s confidence.

7. Private customization


Some European and American star’s sexy underwear is customized. The sexy underwear they specially produced for themselves pay attention to their own personality and style, which can highlight their identity and taste.

8. Delivery occasion

Interest underwear is not only home clothing, but also can be worn in different occasions.For example, when participating in a dinner, choosing a low -cut sexy dress with exquisite lace underwear can not only reflect the confidence of sexy women without losing generosity and elegance.

9. Style -oriented

The sexy underwear of European and American stars has set off a trend of "sexy and fashion" in the fashion industry.Their design is full of creativity and personality, bringing more inspiration and different styles to the fashion industry.

10. Conclusion

The interesting underwear of European and American stars is undoubtedly a beautiful landscape in the fashion industry.Their design, style, color matching, material, etc. are full of new and uniqueness.It is these exquisite details and designs that show the extraordinary style of European and American stars on the world stage.