Fairy underwear can’t add Taobao

Fairy underwear can't add Taobao

Why can’t sex underwear add Taobao guests

As a popular product, sexy underwear has always been favored by consumers.However, some sellers found that they could not promote these products in Taobao.Why can’t sex underwear add Taobao?


At present, among Taobao, the scope of goods allowed by the policy is very limited, and sex products are not allowed to join.Taobao’s policy requires that all products must abide by laws and regulations, and sexual products may restrict them because of their sexual aspects.Therefore, Taobao does not allow these products to enter Taobao.

Affect market promotion

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For Taobao sellers, it is not possible to add sexy underwear to Taobao’s policy, which also means that they cannot promote marketing in Taobao customers, and cannot get more traffic and exposure opportunities.Compared with other products, sex underwear is facing greater marketing challenges.

Innovation and promotion method

Although it cannot be promoted among Taobao customers, sellers can use other innovative methods to promote sexy underwear, such as publishing advertisements on social media platforms, and using online celebrities and bringing goods to broaden sales channels.At the same time, it is also a good way to optimize the distribution of traffic and improve the reputation of stores and users.

Find a feasibility solution

If you are a seller and do not want to miss this market, you need to find some feasibility solutions.Formal Taobao customers need to apply for the seller and can be used normally after passing the review. However, it does not rule out that some gray coupon websites or marketing platforms can still add fun underwear and other products to make certain attempts.

Find opportunities for cooperation

Sellers can cooperate with other channels, such as Taobao Diamond Show, etc., to help the sales of sexy underwear with the traffic of other platforms.At the same time, sellers can also choose to cooperate with some sexy underwear physical stores to increase sales and increase exposure through various promotional methods.

Improve product quality

The quality of the product of sex underwear is very important for consumers. Without advertising endorsements, the quality of the product itself determines the reputation and conversion rate of consumers.Therefore, sellers can start with optimizing the quality of the product, and win the trust and reputation of customers through good products and services.


Build a fan community

Sellers can build fan communities on QQ, WeChat, Weibo, and other social media, launching various activities to broaden sales channels.Through accurate operations and promotion, sellers can get a large number of loyal customers, thereby increasing the popularity and sales of sexy underwear.

Do a good job of standardization of online stores

While the seller needs to build its own e -commerce online store, strengthen the standardized construction of online stores and continuously improve the user experience and service quality.At the same time, when starting to operate sexy underwear and other products, we must also strengthen the understanding and grasp of the industry’s internal standards and regulations to ensure standardized operations to avoid unnecessary disputes.

Develop in combination with market trends

At present, more and more e -commerce sellers will set their sights on international markets such as Southeast Asia, Asia, and Europe and the United States.Can combine domestic and foreign market trends and preferences to develop better -quality sexy lingerie styles to meet the needs of different markets.

Pay attention to intellectual property protection

Products such as sexy underwear are itself a kind of intellectual property product, so we must pay special attention to the protection of intellectual property in the process of operation.The seller should apply for and maintain the legal intellectual property rights of the trademark and design of the goods in time. Once the infringement is found, it will take legal measures to protect their rights and interests in a timely manner.

in conclusion

Fun underwear cannot add Taobao to because of policy reasons, but this does not become an obstacle to the seller’s development of this market.Sellers can broaden sales channels and increase sales of sexy underwear through innovative methods, cooperation opportunities, product quality, and standardized construction of online stores.