Girlfriend wants to buy sexy jackets

Girlfriend wants to buy sexy jackets

Preparation before buying sex underwear

If your girlfriend wants to buy sexy underwear, congratulations, you have a brave girl, she knows how to create a better self!Before starting shopping, it is necessary to make the following preparations:

Know your girlfriend’s preference

There are various styles of sexy underwear, and different girls have different preferences.Listen to her thoughts and understand her favorite color, material, style and design, which will allow you to better purchase underwear that is in line with her taste.

Pay attention to size

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The correct size is very important for the comfort of sexy underwear, so before buying, please make sure you know her size accurately.If you are not sure, you can learn by peeking at his wardrobe or asking her friends.

Learn different styles and designs

There are countless styles and designs in sex underwear.Some girls may like the style of the back, some like transparent materials, and some may prefer simple designs.Understanding these styles and designs can make you better satisfy her preferences when buying.

Quality is also important

Interest underwear is not something you want to save a few dollars.Buying better underwear can ensure comfort and service life.At the same time, quality also affects the maintenance of color and shape.Don’t choose inferior underwear because of cheap.

Choose suitable occasions and purposes

One important factor you need to consider when buying sexy underwear is the purpose and occasion of this underwear.If you want to spend a romantic night with your girlfriend, then you need to selective sexy underwear; if you want to give her a gift, then you need to choose a more design -like underwear.

Precautions after purchase

After buying sexy underwear, there are some important precautions that need to be paid attention to:


keep clean

Sex underwear needs to be kept clean and hygienic.Before using and cleaning, make sure you read clear labels and instructions to follow the correct cleaning guide.Keeping and hygiene can make underwear more durable.

Correct storage method

Maintaining proper storage methods is one of the important steps to ensure that sexy underwear is maintained.Avoid storage of underwear, folding, or using a fresh -keeping bag with a harmful oxidant.The best way to store is to use a special underwear box to store various sexy underwear separately.

How to wear erotic underwear

The correct way to wear can ensure that sexy underwear is better created to create a beautiful and charming effect.If necessary, you can read tags, learn how to wear underwear, or consult professional salesperson.

Encourage your girlfriend

Note that your girlfriend wants to buy sexy underwear, indicating that she has a strong desire to want to be better.Please give her full support and encouragement so that she feels that everything she does has created value for her.

in conclusion

Buying sexy underwear is a pleasant process, which can better show women’s beauty and self -confidence.By understanding her preferences and the correct way of buying, you can give her a perfect gift to make her happier and confident.