How to draw girls with sexy lingerie


Sexy underwear is a popular type of clothing, which is sexy, charming and visually attractive.It has a huge attractiveness for anime enthusiasts and sexy underwear enthusiasts.If you want to draw a girl wearing sexy lingerie, this article will provide you with some useful skills and suggestions to help you create amazing works.

Choose a suitable topic

When you plan to draw a sexy underwear for girls, you must first choose a suitable theme.For example, you can choose cartoon characters, pet girls, fairy, fighting girls, or other themes. The theme should be consistent with your overall style of your screen.

Determine the location and angle of the picture

After determining the theme, the next step is to determine the location and angle of the picture.The picture can be the details of the whole body, half body or specific parts.The angle should be interesting and attractive, you can consider the effect of using perspective and swinging cameras.

Understand the ratio of the human body

Painting women need to understand the correct proportion.Different from the proportion of men, the proportion of women has a higher proportion of waist and short legs.Pay attention to the length of the arm, the position of the stomach sinking, the position of the chest, etc.

Add dynamic element

A vivid and attractive method for sexy underwear is to add dynamic elements.For example, you can add floating sleeves, flying hair, water drops or petals in the screen.

Use shadows and highlights

To create a 3D effect and enhance the visual effects of sexy lingerie, you can use shadows and highlights to enhance the expressiveness of the model.Correctly drawing shadows and highlights can make the picture more realistic and more dynamic.

Choose the right color

Color plays a vital role in sexy underwear, and it will determine the final visual effect.You should choose the right color according to the theme. If the theme is fresh, you can choose the bright color. If the theme is full of mystery, you can consider dark tones.Pay attention to the contrast of color to determine the proportion of each color.

Painting software

If painting software is installed on the computer, you can choose to draw a sexy lingerie drill. You can have a better painting effect and use layer functions to manage the elements more flexibly, making modification and adjustment convenient.

Reference and learning

When you first try to draw a sexy lingerie, you can find inspiration by reading books, albums, participating in online courses, and watching teaching videos.In addition, you can also refer to the works of other designers on the Internet to learn how to compose and use color.

Constantly practice

Painting is a skill that can only be improved through continuous practice.Try to paint sexy underwear to move more, and constantly try different inspiration and painting skills to continuously improve your skills.


It requires some knowledge and skills to draw sexy underwear, but anyone can proficient in it through a lot of practice.Understanding the proportion of women, choosing suitable themes, colors, and dynamic elements are the key to making amazing works.Painting skills need to be continuously strengthened, and you need to try and learn to improve your ability.

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