Interesting underwear factory recruitment

Recruitment object

We are a sexy underwear factory and are now in expansion. Therefore, we need to recruit some factory workers to produce and process the production and processing of affection.We do not need to have any relevant experience. As long as you have a sense of responsibility and study hard and learn, we can join our team.


We will provide a reasonable salary for each worker. The salary depends on working hours and performance, and also provides daily work meals and accommodation.We are committed to creating a comfortable, secure, and harmonious working environment so that every worker can feel warmth and care.At the same time, we will also provide opportunities for promotion and training to give each worker a chance to improve their skills.

Work content

The work content includes: printing and following, inspection fabrics, cutting, sewing, and so on.We will arrange for you based on your actual situation that suits your jobs, and provide detailed guidance and training at the same time, so that you can quickly master your skills and be familiar with the workflow.

Work requirements

1. Age 18 years old and above, good health;

2. I have enthusiasm for work, not afraid of dirty work, and can endure hardships and hard work;

3. Serious and responsible, be able to obey management, obey and deploy;

4. No criminal record.

Training mechanism

We will arrange professional craftsmen and technicians to provide you with detailed work guidance and skills training to help you quickly master work skills and improve work efficiency.At the same time, we will also hold regular skill competitions and cultural activities, so that each worker can feel a sense of accomplishment and belonging.

operating hours

We will arrange working hours according to the production plan and order volume to provide sufficient rest and adjustment time for each worker to protect the physical and mental health of each worker.At the same time, we will also extend the working time appropriately according to the work situation and give additional rewards.


We will buy social insurance and provident fund for each worker and provide free medical examination services.The company will also issue holiday benefits and birthday gifts for each worker to make each worker feel the company’s care and love.

contact us

If you are interested in our recruitment information, please contact us immediately, or come directly to the factory for interviews, we will provide you with the most professional services and meticulous answers.

The above is our recruitment information. We hope that everyone with strength, potential, and responsible can join our team to contribute to creating better sexy underwear together.

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