My husband has never bought me a sexy lingerie

My husband has never bought me a sexy lingerie

Why don’t my husband buy me sexy underwear?

For many women, sexy underwear can not only increase the taste of husband and wife, but also add a freshness to daily wear.However, some women may encounter such a problem: her husband has never bought her sexy underwear.What is the actual cause?Let’s analyze together.

I feel that sexy underwear is too expensive

First of all, many men think that the price of sexy underwear is too high and it is not worth buying.They may be more inclined to buy more practical underwear or other gifts for their wives.This idea is actually understandable, after all, everyone has different values of money.However, if women value sexy underwear very much, they can communicate well with her husband, explain the importance of sexy underwear, or find high -quality underwear brands with more affordable prices.

I don’t know how to choose styles and size

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There are also some men who can’t solve the style and size of affectionate underwear, and don’t know how to choose.In this case, women can take the initiative to introduce the types and sizes of sexy underwear to her husband.You can find information about sex underwear through online search or physical store trial.

Worried that women don’t like

In addition, some men may think that women do not need sexy underwear, or feel that sexy underwear can make women feel uncomfortable.Their thoughts were out of concern, but they also exposed strangeness and misunderstandings about sexy underwear.Women can communicate frankly with her husband to express their needs and hope for sexy underwear.

Shy or embarrassed

Sometimes men may not want to buy sexy underwear because of shyness or embarrassment.In this case, women can try to help her husband overcome this emotion, such as choosing a more conservative style or trying to wear erotic underwear at home to relieve the atmosphere.

I think the relationship between husband and wife is already very good

Some men may think that the relationship between husband and wife is already very good, and there is no need to increase interest through erotic underwear.This idea seems very reasonable, but the relationship between husband and wife needs to be continuously maintained and adjusted, otherwise it will become old and bland.Under such circumstances, women can try to convey to her husband’s needs for more freshness.

Ignore women’s needs

In addition, some men may ignore women’s needs because they are busy with work or other reasons, and they will not take the initiative to consider buying sexy underwear for women.In this case, women can actively express their needs and hope, after all, communication between husband and wife is very important.


Think that sexy underwear is unhealthy or unre practical

There are also a few men who may think that sexy underwear is unhealthy or unreasonable and is not suitable for long -term wear.In response to this situation, women can explain the material and design of sexy underwear in detail with her husband, so that they have more understanding and understanding of sexy underwear.

Lack of understanding and interest

It is also one of the possible reasons for men such as sexy underwear.Well, in this case, women need to take the initiative to find information about sexy underwear online or physical stores and share them with her husband.

Family economic conditions are not allowed

In the end, the economic situation of some families may be relatively tight and cannot support it on sexy underwear.In this case, women can consider choosing a relatively affordable sexy underwear, or try other ways to add the interests between husband and wife.


All in all, if a woman wants her husband to buy a sexy underwear for themselves, she needs to take the initiative to communicate and explain it in a timely manner, so that the husband will understand the importance and significance of the affection.At the same time, we must also understand the thoughts and values of men, and find a common balance point to enhance the feelings between husband and wife.