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The charm of private lingerie in private room

Interest underwear is an indispensable part of many women’s private houses. They can not only enhance self -confidence, but also add a lot of fun to your love life.In private places, a set of sexy sexy underwear can stimulate unlimited passion and romance. At the same time, it can also show the grace of women and become an art existence.This article will introduce several types of sexy underwear and corresponding styles.

Stockings series

Women with a pair of hips and beautiful legs may wish to try stockings set.Stockings with suitable lace, silk, mesh, etc., will not only play a role in beautifying the body lines, but also strengthen the sexy and charming temperament of women.Common stockings are mesh stockings, solid color stockings, pattern stockings, tight waist suits, etc.

Lace series

Because of its special texture, lace has become a representative of sexy underwear.Lace and lace decoration are an important part of the sexy and charming underwear.Moreover, the colors and styles of lace are very diverse, which is almost suitable for the preferences of all women.The styles of lace underwear include bra, T -shaped pants, hollow decoration, lace lace, transparent decoration, etc.

Uniform series

Sexy uniforms almost do not exist in daily life, but it is one of the most common types in festivals or festive sex.Police, doctors, nurses, stewardess and other professional uniforms can make your partner more emotional, and at the same time, it can also meet the various fantasies and needs of women.The style of uniform underwear includes short skirts, deep V bra, bow, neckline, etc.

Bellyband series

The bellyband is a sexy underwear full of exotic atmosphere, suitable for particularly brave women.The bellyband is mainly composed of three parts of the triangle leakage, straps, and bra. It is usually used as a surprise in sex, because they can be combined with other accessories, including stockings, lace, fish net socks and even leather products.

Dance series

The sexy underwear of the dance series is made of beads and other decorations, which looks the most beautiful.These underwear are usually related to dancing or performing, and are used for nightclubs and other occasions.There are usually many beads and other decorations in dance underwear, which can shine by the wearer.Dance underwear styles include one shoulder, lace, and decoration.

Camisole series

The suspender series sexy underwear is suitable for women who want to increase curve.The suspender underwear is usually made of transparent materials, exposing the shoulders and upper chest, which can show the female’s body lines of women.The styles of suspenders include bellybands, restraints, lace, lace, etc.

Nightclub series

The nightclub series underwear is suitable for those who like to participate in parties and clubs.These erotic underwear usually use bright colors and shiny accessories, such as light, sequins, lantern sleeves and other elements to attract the attention of others.The nightclub underwear is usually a combination of short skirts and bra, which is more suitable to match with zombie and witch shape.

Barbie series

Barbie series of sexy underwear is a type suitable for young women.Barbie pink color, heart -shaped and spherical jewelry decoration is usually reminiscent of the simple and innocent time of pursuit of girls.Barbie series underwear styles include short skirts, bras, lace, etc.

Leather series

The leather series of fun underwear is suitable for women who want to enhance the sense of authority and control.It is usually black or dark red, made of leather, sometimes with whip and other accessories, which can meet the different needs of women.The style of leather underwear includes hollow, round neck, shackles in front, and gloves on the upper neckline.


As mentioned above, there are many types of sexy underwear, and each style is suitable for different women.Whether a family or dating at night, suitable for your underwear, you can enhance your confidence and sexy, making you more charming in front of your partner.

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