Sex underwear is greedy

Sex underwear is greedy

Sex underwear is greedy

Interesting underwear, it is no longer just a fashionable clothing, but more to become part of the beneficial matching and auxiliary objects in sexual life, but this auxiliary items have developed very fast in recent years, so that more and more people have withThe desire to explore the inner desire, so what is sexy underwear?What is it divided?how to choose?These are what we need to understand.

1. The concept and type of sexy underwear

Interesting underwear refers to the special style of underwear designed and manufactured for sexual life. Their style, color, and design have their own advantages.The main types of erotic underwear in the market are: vibrating sexy underwear, mini sexy underwear, lace sexy underwear, three -point erotic underwear, etc. These are the most popular sexy underwear types, and according to the combination of underwear and body parts,Interest underwear can be divided into bras, underwear, stockings, tights and other types.

2. Issues to pay attention when choosing sexy underwear

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When buying sexy underwear, you must pay attention to the problems in many aspects, and use different sexy underwear types on different occasions.First of all, the most critical occasion is that sexy underwear is dating at night and having sex, which can increase sentiment and romance.Secondly, pay attention to the material and size, choose comfortable and unwaehed fabrics, and the size can also be determined according to your body size to avoid uncomfortable wear and affect your mood.

Third, the choice suggestion of sexy bra

Many women especially like to buy sexy bras when buying sexy underwear. So how do you choose?First of all, according to the body size and chest size of the individual, buy underwear suitable for your chest shape to avoid extension and sagging.Secondly, the style is also a factors to be considered. According to different activities, you can choose different styles.

Fourth, sexy pajamas match suggestions

In the evening, buying a sexy pajamas can add a full breath to a fun life.However, there are many notes when choosing it.For example, pay attention to comfort when selecting fabrics to avoid too stimulating the skin; and when selecting design, you should choose according to your personal shape and size.

Fifth, the difference between stockings and stockings

When choosing a sexy underwear, many people will confuse stockings and stockings. In fact, this is very wrong.Socks are generally thick -haired type, which is warmer than stockings, while stockings are woven from thin silk threads, and the longer one is stockings.

The characteristics of six or three -point sexy underwear

Three -point erotic underwear is a type of challenging and irritating in sex underwear.As one of the equipment necessary for sex, it is characterized by a very thin silk ribbon, ribbon and lace. It is a sexy equipment that can be used repeatedly.

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Seven, the differences and advantages and disadvantages of different lace materials

Lace erotic underwear is one of the favorite types of women, and its feature is beautiful and noble.However, different lace materials in texture, color, and style also determine their characteristics.For example, the fluffy lace has the characteristics of soft and smooth, while the lace of chemical fiber material has the characteristics of wear resistance.

8. Selection and precautions for men’s sexy underwear

With the transformation of the times, the needs of men have continued to be respected and satisfied.In the current sexy underwear market, men’s sexy underwear has also become an increasingly popular product.So, how to choose a male sexy underwear that suits you?First, choose different models according to your body size and individual choice according to your body size and individuality.

Nine, sexy underwear is a prelude to establishing sexual life

Interest underwear can add freshness to husband and wife/male and female friends, or it can be a prelude to establishing sexual life, such as color, style, and experience., Can help you solve these embarrassing problems.

10. Different types of sexy underwear must be explored by yourself

Different erotic lingerie types bring different feelings for sexual life, and also test their personal taste and aesthetic vision.Therefore, for the culture of sex, there is a deep psychological and physical experience, more courage and enthusiasm, and constant self -exploration and discovery.


Sexy underwear is a manifestation of modern people’s pursuit of sex culture and perfect.From choice to buy to use, we need to pour more effort and serious attitude.Interest underwear can not only help us explore the wonderful life of sex more, but also add more interest to our husband and wife life.