Sex Underwear Show 2012 Guangzhou

Sex Underwear Show 2012 Guangzhou

Sex Underwear Show 2012 Guangzhou

Brand gathering, each with its own style

On the sexy underwear show held in Guangzhou in 2012, well -known brands from home and abroad and emerging brands concentrated on their own features.AUBADE from France has won many praise with exquisite cutting and elegant colors.La Perla, representing Italian fashion, has attracted a large number of young consumers in the design and bold lines of the former guards, and Victoria’s Secret from the country also held a grand conference and launched a series of new products.

The color is gorgeous, showing feminine charm

One of the features of the sexy lingerie show is the colorful color.In this show, not only the traditional black, white, and red classic colors, but also rich colors such as purple, blue, and pink, but also adding a sexy atmosphere and showing the charm of women.

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Classic and innovation coexist, dazzling

In the fun underwear show, the combination of classic elements and creative design brings the audience an unusual audiovisual feast.Traditional lace and hook flowers have glowed with new lives under the designer’s clever hands, colliding with different sparks, which inspire people’s new understanding of sexy underwear.

Let women confident from the inside out

Interest underwear is not only a clothing, but also represents the inner world and personality of women.Good erotic underwear design allows women to double the self -confidence and expose from the inside out.This is also the focus of the brand on the sex lingerie show.

Pay attention to details and create the best dressing experience

Interest underwear is full of challenges and needs to show the beauty and confidence of women’s curves, but it also needs a comfortable dressing experience.In the design of erotic underwear, focusing on details, selection fabrics, production technology, etc. are the key to creating the best dressing experience.On the sexy underwear show, brands have strived to present the best quality products, so that consumers can get a great comfort when they are worn.

Everyone has a sexy underwear that suits them

Falling underwear is not only sexy and curves, but more importantly to show women’s personality and charm.Everyone has a sexy underwear that suits them, and needs to choose the style and brand that suits them.Whether it is the upper -looking AUBADE or Triumph, which is more in line with Asian women, when everyone shows themselves in erotic underwear, they need to choose their own underwear brands and styles.

Sexy underwear -The symbol of self -confident women


Interest underwear is a symbol of self -confidence in women.When a woman can put on a sexy underwear that suits them and shows herself confidently and beautifully in the crowd, it is like a confident and charming female logo, which is amazing.


Interest underwear shows not only a kind of clothing, but also to show women’s confidence and charm.In the sexy underwear show, the brands show us a rich and colorful sexy underwear world through clever design and superb production technology.When everyone chooses sexy underwear, they should choose the style and brand that suits them to show the most authentic self.