Sexual underwear suspender socks wearing illustration

Sexual underwear suspender socks wearing illustration

Sexual underwear suspender socks wearing illustration

Sexy underwear strap socks are a sexy, common sexy underwear accessories.Many women like to put on this combination to increase their charm.However, putting on or taking off may make people feel troublesome, especially for those who are unfamiliar with methods.This article will bring you a detailed sexy lingerie suspender socks to help you familiarize the method of wearing as soon as possible.


The first thing to prepare is a clean and clean environment.Choose a relatively large mirror and make sure that the light is sufficient.In addition, prepare a pair of clean socks can be placed on the bed or chair to facilitate wear.

wear socks

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First put on the socks and slowly pull it to the position near the ankle.Make sure that the two socks are the same to prevent asymmetric when wearing.If your legs are thinner, you can also choose some tight socks, and they can better fit the leg curve.

Put on a hanging stocking

When wearing, be sure to wear socks first, and then put on hanging sticks.Because the hanging stockings are fixed by the belt below the waist, if you wear a suspender socks and then socks, it is prone to fixed difficulty and poor adjustment.

Method of dressing

Pull the sling part from the waist of the leg to the position to make the strap firm and smooth, and close the skin.The entire hanging stick should be kept horizontal, do not skew.If you feel tight when you are wearing, you can adjust the tightness of the suspender appropriately according to the situation to achieve your own comfort range.

Hanging band

After pulling the strap from the thigh position to the hip, you can start hanging the suspender.For those who wear or not be familiar with hanging straps for the first time, it may take some time to handle the part of the suspender.The interface on the hanging band should be buckled in a strap to hang it on the belt.


After wearing it, it takes some time to adjust the suspender to keep it smooth and close to the skin.Make sure that the length of the hanging sticks is equal, and gradually adjust the length of the suspender from both sides to make it more fit its leg curve.Next, you can see if the entire set is uniform and whether there is any adjustment.



After wearing a full set, you can walk to the whole mirror to enjoy your sexy.Make sure the suspender is firm and comfortable, and the length and proportion of the entire set are appropriate.Now, you can leave your house confidently to welcome the world!


In summary, wearing a sexy lingerie camisole not only needs to pay attention to the order of wearing, but also takes the time to adjust and process the camisole.If you encounter some difficulties, you may wish to find a friend who knows how to wear it to help.Through some experiments and exercises, you can quickly master better dressing skills.