Sexy lingerie flat breasts 6

Sexy lingerie flat breasts 6

1 Introduction

Women’s figures have their own figures, beautiful women with big breasts, and young sisters with small breasts. For flat -breasted girls, choosing the right sexy underwear is more critical.This article will introduce you to the sexy lingerie style and matching skills that are suitable for flat -breasted girls.

2. Select the principle of style

When a flat -breasted woman chooses a sexy underwear, it should be preferred to choose a style that can increase the chest curve.If there are design factors such as lace, folds, drooping, and squeezing, underwear can further enhance the chest curve, so that the flat -breasted girl looks more attractive.

3. Precautions for selecting fabrics

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When choosing the fabric of sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose a soft and breathable material, such as lace, cotton, cotton and other materials, which can play a role in increasing the body curve while comfortable.

4. Dressing skills: underwear+jacket

Flat girls can choose low -cut or shoulder -free sexy underwear, and wear clothes outside, such as cardigan, jacket, etc. This can cover the chest and not look too empty.

5. Wear skills: chest stickers

The chest sticker can change the shape of the chest to a certain extent and increase the chest curve.Flat -up girl can choose some bust stickers with Tira to achieve the improvement effect.

6. Wear skills: with stockings

With the appropriate stockings, you can stretch the body ratio visually, thereby reducing the attention of the chest. Pay attention to the freshness and simplicity of the color and pattern. Do not be too gorgeous, otherwise it may produce too complicated.

7. Accessories matching: belt

In order to emphasize the body curve, the flat -breasted girl can choose to have a sexy underwear with a belt.Not only can it be strong, but also the effect of increasing the chest curve.


8. Accessories match: lace stockings

Lei Stray Soings is a must -have accessories for sex underwear. Choosing the right socks can further enhance beauty.The flat -breasted girl can choose some simpler and more clear and clear socks, so as to increase the body curve while not publicity.

9. Note: Selection of size

Flat -up girl should pay attention to the size of sexy underwear to ensure comfort and coverage.Excessive size or too small will adversely affect the body curve.

10. Summary

For a flat -breasted girl, choosing the right sexy underwear can increase the body curve and show a more attractive self.When selecting sexy lingerie styles, pay attention to the design factors of increasing the chest curve; in terms of selecting fabrics, accessories, size, etc., you must fully consider personal physical conditions in order to choose the most suitable sexy underwear.