Sexy lingerie golden bellyband

Sexy lingerie golden bellyband

What is a sexy lingerie golden bellyband?

Golden bellyband is a kind of sexy underwear. It is made of golden materials that can be hung on the waist and covers its own chest. It is generally used as one of the clothing in sexual performances or private fun. It can also be used with his sexy underwear.

What are the cases?

Generally speaking, the golden bellyband is suitable for a private sex venue and some parties, which improves the sexyness of the whole person and increases attractiveness.It can be matched with various sexy underwear and sexy underwear, enhance the mood, increase fun, can also be matched with other parts of the body to make yourself more charming.

How to choose the size and style of the golden bellyband?

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The size and style of the golden bellyband are selected according to their preferences. Generally speaking, the size of the bellyband is determined according to needs and the size of the belly.There are also many styles: you can buy simpler styles and small and exquisite metal bellybands. You can also choose richer and more gorgeous bellybands on the details.

What are the materials of the golden bellyband?

There are many options for the material of the golden bellyband:

Bright and glittering metal material

Mattic metal material

Leather or PU material

Various velvet types

A variety of metal bellybands designed by a variety of color or pearls

How to match the golden bellyband?


The golden bellyband can be paired with a variety of sexy underwear, such as black lace skirts, leather tights, metal straps or handcuffs inlaid with silver decoration.The matching method can be freely matched according to your hobbies to achieve a better sexy performance effect.

What do you need to pay attention to when buying a bellyband?

When buying a golden bellyband, pay special attention to the quality and production process of the product, and do not buy the kind of rough bellyband that has not been treated to avoid scratching the skin.When you buy, go to a regular sexual product store to ensure the quality of the product you choose.At the same time, measure the size of the body and the size of the bellyband before buying to ensure that the suitable size is purchased.

How to maintain and clean the golden bellyband?

Golden bellybands must ensure conventional cleaning and maintenance to ensure its wear and performance.If it is a metal bellyband, you can wipe the washing and be in a smooth state.The dirty and oily situation can be soaked in mild soapy water for a while.If it is a bellyband made of cortex and PU, it needs to be cleared with its special cleaning solution, dry and stored.

What is the purchase price of the golden bellyband?

The price of the golden bellyband depends on the different styles.Different brands and materials will also affect prices.The price of ordinary metal bellybands is about ¥ 50, while the price of high -end leather or PU bellyband is about ¥ 200.

What are the brands of the golden belly?

Many sexy underwear brands are launching their own golden belly products. Generally, each brand has its own independent design and color, and you can choose to buy according to your needs.Popular brands include Japan UZU, Japanese BDSM Tokyo, Cal Exotics in the United States, Hong Kong tenga.

Is the golden bellyband just sexy underwear?

Golden bellyband is not just sexy underwear, it has become a symbol of freedom and indulgence. It is a aesthetic way and a modern style.It represents a life attitude and mood atmosphere, which can be a boutique for modern women’s private underwear or gathering.


Golden bellyband is an elegant and sexy sexy underwear, which has good expression and taste.Everyone can buy according to their own needs. The value of the golden bellyband is that it perfectly shows the sexy of women and gives new significance in life.