Sexy underwear Category Daquan Collection Girl

Sexy underwear Category Daquan Collection Girl

What is sexy underwear

Interest underwear refers to a sexy, teasing and irritating underwear designed for couples.It is different from ordinary underwear and is mainly reflected in design, which can be used to meet the sexual needs between couples.Interest underwear includes a variety of types and styles, but the most basic purpose is to increase interest and stimulation to sexual life.

Types of sex underwear

Depending on the design and use, sexy underwear can be divided into the following.

Delievable sexy underwear

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Compared with ordinary underwear, teasing sexy underwear is more visual and emotional.This kind of sexy underwear generally uses black or bright red and other colors such as masculinity characteristics, and uses various design elements, such as perspective, mesh and hollow to achieve the purpose of teasing and temptation.This erotic underwear is suitable for inspiring the desire and emotional passion of the partner.

Lianxian sexy underwear

Lianxian sexy underwear is a very wrapped underwear, which usually uses good elastic materials.The design of this underwear is to design the top and lower pants as a whole, suitable for those who are bolder or those who want to experience more passionate couples.Lianxian sexy underwear is usually decorated with perspective, hollow, lace and other elements to make the figure more sexy.

Role -playing sexy underwear

The role -playing sexy underwear is a creative sexy underwear.They are designed with a variety of surfaces, such as police, nurses, students, stewardess, etc., allowing two different people to play a role with each other to perform sexual life.This sexy underwear is suitable for those who have fantasy and courage at the same time.

Portable sexy underwear

The design of personal sexy underwear is more user -friendly and fits the body.The material of this sexy underwear is elastic, and it does not put much pressure on the body while wrapped the body.Simple and bright underwear design is a choice in daily life between partners.

Net socks -style sexy underwear

Net socks -type sexy underwear refers to the sexy underwear that has been partially collected by dress and net socks. Usually, it is made of perspective yarn, lace, silk and other materials. It is characterized by its high visual effects.It is used to stimulate the senses and increase interest.

Thigh High

Leather sexy underwear

Most of the leather sexy underwear uses leather materials, which is quite durable.This sexy underwear design is biased towards those who like SM and tough style. They usually use dark colors such as black or brown, and are equipped with metal accessories such as iron chains and belts, which are more sexy.

Sex underwear matching

The matching of erotic underwear is quite important. Different types of underwear needs to be used with other similar supporting, exciting, wearing shoes and coats.For example, leather sexy underwear can choose black high heels and other wearing.There are also teasing and role -playing erotic underwear with different props, such as police playing should wear alarm sticks, nurses should wear masks and nurse hats, and so on.

Sex underwear purchase

When buying sexy underwear, it is best to choose a large shopping mall or professional erotic supplies store.It should be noted that before buying, you should understand the size of the partner. You must determine whether the size is suitable, and whether there will be a problem of comfort.

Sending underwear washing

In sexy underwear washing, it should be used to use detergent with soft and non -damaging clothing, and strong cleaning agents such as bleach should not be used, so as not to damage the material and decoration of the underwear, and reduce the life of the wear.In particular, sexy underwear with feathers and pearls should be treated more carefully.

The combination of sexy underwear and sex life

Sex underwear is a temptation tool to increase sexuality and excitement.When buying a sexy underwear that is suitable for you and correctly uses it, it can stimulate the desire and passion of the partner’s heart, increase the interaction and trust between the two, thereby increasing the perception and experience of sex.


Interest underwear can not only increase sex and stimulation at night, but also a choice of daily wear.Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you and your partner, and correctly use it, which can not only fully meet the needs of sex, but also improve the feelings between couples.