Sexy underwear catwood Mp4

Sexy underwear catwood Mp4

Sexy underwear catwalk show


As a kind of sexual cultural industry, sexy underwear has been favored in recent years.It is not only an extension of traditional underwear, but also creates a more wonderful visual effect.Today we will enjoy a sexy underwear runway in the future and feel the unique charm brought by various styles of sexy underwear.

Angel series underwear

Angel series underwear is a kind of sexy underwear on lace.The color is mostly white or pale pink, giving a soft and fresh feeling.It is especially suitable for wearing in spring or summer to create a gentle and elegant atmosphere.

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Leather series underwear

Unlike the angel series underwear, the leather series underwear is more sexy and charming.It often uses black as the main color, with metal jewelry, making people feel a very tension visual impact.

Open conjoined underwear

The open -stall underwear is a relatively avant -garde design. It is characterized by the strong design below the waist and looks very playful and cute.And due to easy design, users can also facilitate various actions.

Rope series underwear

It is also known as the rope series of underwear that restrains underwear, named the corset with rope design it used.It often uses light -colored ropes to connect different parts of the body.This twist and reversal feeling can bring people an unprecedented experience.

Hollywood series underwear

Hollywood underwear usually use golden geometric design, which can give people a very luxurious and distinguished feeling.Suitable for special occasions, such as nightclubs, bars, or partys at night.

Lace series underwear

Curvy Plus

The lace series underwear looks very elegant and soft.The overlapping and scattered lace can inject soft elements into the body curve, making people look more sexy and charming.

Kimono underwear

The kimono underwear is a design that integrates daily and cultural and sexy underwear.It can not only reflect the elegant and mature side of women, but also add fun to the entire body.

All -transparent series underwear

Full transparent series underwear pays more attention to pure and sexy performance in design.It is based on transparent and translucent tulle, which can highlight the curves of the body, perfectly present the femininity of women, and let people unconsciously feel it.


In the sex lingerie catwalk show, we have appreciated various styles of sexy underwear, and each series has its special charm.Interest underwear not only has practical value, but also adds more fun and interest to life.